8 Ways to Release Anger and Frustration

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Have you noticed that all emotions prompt us to take action?… Love encourages us to serve, loneliness encourages us to find fulfilment, sadness encourages us to appreciate what we had or have…

AND ANGER PROMPTS US TO MAKE CHANGES… perhaps it’s to change a situation, an injustice, to end a relationship, or to change the way we communicate… (DISCLAIMER: Of course, we need to release the anger before we decide to ‘change someone’s face’ or disrupt another’s well-being!!!)

Whether the other party is right or wrong – how WE react is OUR OWN responsibility and our opportunity to grow!

8 Siren Soul Anger Energy Release Techniques:

It’s ok… We all have these feelings… And when they rise within us again and again – it is time to heal that part of ourselves.

Here are some options you can use to release the stuck energy that is presenting itself as anger or frustration.

  1. Take yourself off to the beach and walk or run it out
  2. Stand on the beach (preferably with no one in ear shot) and release loud sounds – scream, moan, whine, roar – whatever feels right for you
  3. Have a pillow fight with yourself
  4. Put on some loud music and dance it out
  5. Find a space alone and do 20-30 deep breaths in and out of your tummy – making an ahhhhh releasing sound as you breathe out
  6. Scream into your hands (in private)
  7. Go receive a reiki or other energetic healing session
  8. Journal – download the Siren Soul Wonder Writing Guidebook for a discounted rate of $11

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to dive back into our past or our childhood to heal – we simply need to be with our feelings of the now. This is not a 12 week process or hours and hours of meditation rituals. It is simply to be with what is, allow the emotions to come and go, without resistance.

Let’s take one day at a time and become more self-aware.

Find time to reflect

After you have taken the edge off your intense emotion, BE STILL and just be with the anger/frustration/annoyance and take a few conscious breaths. Ask yourself, is the anger your true emotion? Or is the emotion actually stemming from a hurt or other more vulnerable emotion – be honest with yourself…

You are a human and it’s normal to experience all emotions… how long we stay stuck in each emotion is up to each of us and our levels self-responsibility. When we decide to process and release stuff… we allow joy and happiness to return with abundance.

4 Powerful Daily Rituals

The idea is to build “Resilient Reserves” in order to manage our levels negative emotion – this way things simply don’t bother us quite so much. It may not happen overnight – yet the accumulation of these rituals is life changing!

Try practicing regular:

  1. MEDITATION – find stillness
  3. Do more FUN STUFF
  4. Simply RELAX – (so basic huh? Yet so powerful and healing for our nervous system)

And if you’re really keen…

Unload in a JOURNAL

Life is your school – Are you learning your lessons?

Happiness is your birthright… come back to YOU.

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