Need some one-on-one time?


1 hour 30 minutes @ $ NZD190.00

Special Deal: 6 sessions for $999

Feeling lost? Still searching for your passion & purpose? WANT TO BE HAPPIER and more CONFIDENT?

We create a personalised plan to minimise self-doubt, fears and blocks that are stopping you being your personal best. Fiona teaches self-help and self-awareness techniques that boost confidence, help you find direction, improve relationships, increase energy, improve health and reduce stress & anxiety. To be EMPOWERED is an inner strength and confidence. It’s time to know your worth and know your path!

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An Empowerment coach is a facilitator who works with people to overcome obstacles that inhibit them from being their personal best. These obstacles can be in the form of repetitive destructive patterns, lack of purpose, not feeling worthy, feeling lost, health issues, childhood trauma, anxiety, depression and more, however the obstacles can also be unknown subconscious beliefs that are holding people back in relationships, business, health, lifestyle and the general ability to be happy and satisfied. 

Ultimately an Empowerment Coach helps others realise their authentic power and in turn clients are able to transform their own lives.

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PSYCH-K® Session

1 hour  @ $ NZD100.00

We begin with a consultation about what is going on for you and what you would like to change or improve in your life. Then together we create a list of empowering new positive beliefs, which we then “balance” these using left and right brain activating postures and movements.

We need not know why we have these limiting beliefs. After all, we all have them, everyone has collected the many pages of their personal story book throughout life. “Perception” of any given situation is in the eye of the beholder, meaning what one take from certain events, conversations and circumstances is different for every person.

PSYCH-K® is a quick and simple yet powerful and painless technique that can be done with a facilitator or through self testing and balancing.


1 hour @ $ NZD100.00

Enjoy the serene experience of this gentle and nurturing hands on method to activate the natural healing processes of the your mind, body and and soul. Clearing blocked energy – restoring physical and emotional well-being.

WELLNESS MANAGEMENT – Initial consultation

1 hour 30 minutes @ $ NZD190.00

Create more balance and bounce into your life with our holistic approach to your well-being – considering your current state of health, habits and happiness. We use the combination of nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle recommendations, bach flowers, movement and more.

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