I’m Breaking Up With My (Old) Self

I'm Breaking Up with My (old) self, a post by Fiona McLeod at SirenSoul.com

Like any relationship breakup, there is a fairly standard pattern of emotions – anger turns to sadness, sadness turns to reflection…

The reality is I decided a while ago to no longer be a victim to the harassment of my own life.

Slightly easier said than done when the shit just keeps hitting the fan.

Backup or Burnout, a blog post by Fiona McLeod of Sirensoul.comIt’s so true that “like attracts like”. When I’m in a crap mood life turns into a calamity of events. I’ll pick the cab driver who gets lost, then I’ll be in a rush because I’m late, anxiety will kick in, then I’ll drop and lose my wallet because of my fluster… and the list goes on.

Conversely, when my heart feels full with joy and wonder, I attract smiles, laughter, opportunities and naturally appreciate all the little things.

EVERYONE has bad days!!!

And no matter how “conscious” you are, shit days are essential! They help us appreciate the good days, as well as remind us of our current area of personal growth. HOW?

Every reaction, judgement or other negative emotion that we have is a message to ourselves about something inside that wants to heal.

Looking at circumstances this way actually makes life way more exciting – the bad days turn into the next big project and I personally will rub my hands together with anticipation of a new challenge that I am going to conquer.

“Willingness” is the key to change. Change is the way to greater happiness. Like the saying goes, “If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

When the “willingness” within arrived for me, I finally decided to take responsibility for my life and my vibe that I was putting out. I now know the secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but building the new.

Willingness alone will shift an abundance of old stuck energy and allow small miracles begin to happen… because “willingness” means you are “open” to answers, change and new beginnings.

When we stop playing the victim and start playing the game of life we see everything with an optimistic perspective. When a problem occurs we don’t react out of emotion, instead out of wisdom.

Everything happens for a reason.

Often this a is tricky philosophy to accept when life is not going our way. Yet, it is also a very empowering way to look at life. If we can look at the difficult times as a way of leading us in a new direction, avoiding a certain person or facing a personal issue, instead of feeling like the world is against us, then not only will we be more resilient to life’s hardships, we will also allow ourselves to be lead in the best direction for our highest wellbeing and enjoyment. I believe life (the universe, God, whatever term works for you) wants us all to find love and be happy. I believe this (alongside ‘expansion’) is what we are on this planet for.

This is your journey to your greatest satisfaction. How close are you to experiencing this?

Life is like a “Pick-a-Path” book (remember those as a kid?).

Every day, we have a choice “resistance” or “flow”.

My advice, “If it doesn’t flow let it go”.

I’m choosing a new life – I’m rewriting this crap – Happiness awaits…. watch this space my friends 😉

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