Children Are NOT Resilient, They Are Sponges!

When my Mum was pregnant with me, my Dad had a motorbike accident and landed in a coma.


He survived, never to be the same man again. Yet, like any traumatic event, he was not the only person to be affected by this accident. One can only imagine the emotional stress that my mother experienced… however, what people don’t stop to imagine is the energetic trauma that can pass down through generations.


In my case, there was a direct experience of the stress, as an unborn baby I may not have been able to intellectualise the situation, instead I was immersed in the energetic vibration of my mother’s distress.


We all feel energy, you know that the word “hate” feels so different to the word “love”, yet we dismiss this as having little significance to our wellbeing and the wellness of our children. Children feel the tension in the air, they sense things far more accurately than the average full blown adult.


Parents who stay together for the sake of the kids need to remember, it’s not the physical that is as important as the non-physical. Witnessing love and feeling connection with happy moments is far better for a child’s future than having a mother and father under the same roof with resentful energy.


As humans, we establish most of our “programming” between the last trimester of our mother’s pregnancy and age seven years old. In this time we learn how to think and feel about ourselves, how to treat ourselves and others, and how to behave in society. This programming is our personal unique conditioning of our subconscious mind – a mind that may need some light shed upon it and some cleaning out – a bit like an attic filled with old junk or an outdated computer in need of an upgrade.


Often as an adult we find ourselves triggering toward other people, especially with those closest to us. This trigger is an overreaction to a situation and can appear to be rather childlike to an outsider looking in – it’s hardly surprising when you consider the origin of this trigger was planted in childhood.


We all carry old wounds within us, some are more traumatic than others. Some are even passed down energetically through generations. Studies have shown that children conceived by prisoner of war victims can carry the similar vibrations and stress responses to that of their parent.


What they have also proven is it is possible to heal and transform the emotional and energetic trauma, thereby healing themselves for a happier future, as well as relieving generations to come.


The best thing you can do for yourself AND your children, is to consciously transform your trauma and emotional stress from the past. When you are your personal best self, you can also be the best parent, partner, friend, lover, sister, brother…


No one gets through life without problems and challenges. These are the gifts you have been thrown to help you grow and bloom. There is always a message within the mess. Your biggest job in this world is to find your own truth, your deepest passions and follow your higher calling. You are your greatest project. Turn your problems into projects and find your happy heart again.


It’s not always easy, it is always worth it.



I help people see the message within their mess and transform themselves into an empowered preceptor for others. Let’s share this life with each other.

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