Clearing the Pathways to Intuitive Perception

Putting it bluntly (as apparently I so often do), actively following our intuitive guidance is a lot easier to do when we get out of our own head and away from all of our made-up stories and self-doubt.


It suddenly dawned on me, as I sat down to write something on intuition, that I actually became my most intuitive after years of self-love practice.


When I stopped abandoning myself and instead started loving and appreciating my-self, my body, my existence, and dropping the fear of being me, the authentic me, as opposed to who I thought I should be – for my mum, for society or to be good enough for a man to love me.


Yeah, when I dropped all the bull-shit and replaced it with love, self-love, Universal Divine love, the deep feelings of love and had the courage to walk away from things, places and people that reinforced my stories and false beliefs (rather than my worthiness), I finally started to get excited about my path and feel empowered.


I had cleared the pathway through my heart, removing the debris causing filters and illusions from the truth.


Really, seemingly little, changes in my life, my attitudes and spiritual beliefs, actually turned me into a “don’t f*ck with me kinda girl”. That did not and does not mean I’m with “attitude” to others, it means my boundaries are clear. I show others how to treat me, by how I treat myself.


Like self-love, intuition is something that strengthens day by day as used, a lot like any muscle in our physical body. Equally, it can fall hidden, if one allows the rubble of life to cover our heart, our truths, our values – if we stare away from our intuition, our innate guide, we start to feel ‘off’ again and can fall into self-doubt (again), often sadly crashing lower each time, with self-disappointment and worse. We have to break the cycle. It’s a practice, a heart-felt belief in the magic of Universal energy, that, if you believe in, will be your constant inspiration, knowing to come back home, every time, to your heart.


But how do you really believe?

I know for myself, during the first 20 years of my spiritual curiosity, I understood so many of the spiritual/Universal concepts of how energy worked but I didn’t really trust it because at the time I was still so stuck in the ego world – the life of a human that I was raised to know – the ‘familiar’ you could say – and probably more accurately the conditioning from family and society that had taught me only of a 3D reality.


Therefore, nothing really grew or changed in my life until I assessed that conditioning that had become stuck as my subconscious beliefs, these biased false truths. Following that, I became clear on what was blocking my ‘evolving new conscious beliefs’ from feeling true. I dealt with real core stuff. And then I was able to transform these blocks into self-love, universal love, high frequency vibrations that opened my heart, my eyes and my mind to a new perception of life.


A perception that at first was challenging to put into real practice. But with my strong intention to do so, I made progress. At first, (I now realise) I began with the ‘easy’ stuff, because when the biggest hurdle of all presented, I was in awe of the true power we have within to transform – and I was ready (although not expecting it at the time).


My progress included more than ‘forgiveness’ intellectually, in my head (that’s the easy part). The deeper process included forgiveness, compassion, understanding and appreciation at the visceral and energetic level, in my heart – to absolutely forgive wholeheartedly, not just logically – it was a constant reminder that we are all connected. And as tricky as that concept is to grasp for most humans, it’s true – the more we hate on others, we simultaneously hate on ourselves, the more we cover our heart by suppressing stuff and not dealing with issues or conflict in our lives the more disconnected we/you feel from others and the more desperate we/you become to find happiness and fulfilment in the material world or externally from someone else to you. Rather than from you to you, from the Universe to you.


To heal the planet (it’s so obvious), we need to heal and find our own true hearts again. We need to come back to the laughter and fun of our primary school playground, we need to stop the effort, the trying, the forcing and take a second to breathe and be. Be and feel how lucky we are rather than rushing to finally or eventually (one day in future) get ‘lucky’.


If every human in the world stopped what they were doing right now and felt into their heart to remember love, the entire world vibe would feel different.


Every thought you have, every action you take makes a difference. It’s up to you to be your best self – for the sake of your own happiness, your community, your world and the entire planet.


It is not a luxury to live as a self-loving person – it is your responsibility.


Simultaneously following your heart for self-love and intuition will guide you step by step to your greatest happiness. Just not necessarily in the way you may be expecting.


Drop the expectations and allow what happens. Follow the force, don’t be the force.

I love you.


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