One-on-one consultations



Why see a Personal Coach?

  • Reset – become more aligned with your innate life purpose
  • Develop your potential – be your personal best
  • Boost core confidence – Let go of self-doubt and other blocks that have been holding you back in relationships, with money, or health goals
  • Download – Enjoy a safe space for honest sharing


Life is an adventure! A lot like a ‘pick-a-path’ book you may have read as a kid. Constant decisions to make, people to please, things to achieve. As alluring as this may have been in our younger years, ‘adulting’ is not always all it was ‘cracked up to be’! We all get a little overwhelmed, second guess our choices, sometimes feel lost and even a feel little lonely amidst the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. If we don’t set aside time to regroup with ourselves and create a path for our dreams we often end up in the middle of someone else’s dream.

I guide you to get clarity and perspective. After all, no one can see the picture if we are standing in the frame. This process also helps you discover how awesome you are and together you create action steps in order for you be your personal best.

We all have a unique purpose and everyone want to be happy! However, with life’s conditioning through society’s expectations and our upbringing, it’s too easy to lose our true selves.

We take a holistic look at all areas or your life with a special focus on boosting self-esteem, attracting abundance, improving relationships, cultivating self-love, improving general health, personal power, passion and purpose.

Together we utilise mindset strategies, transform old personal beliefs and create a personalised action plan. You will experience proven methods to improve self-belief, reduce self-doubt, overcome fears, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.



ONE ON ONE COACHING (sessions include Psych-K®)



What a coaching session involves: Each session is tailored to the individual client, some people have a specific issues they would like to resolve, others simply want to super-charge their life, with the mission to be their person best.

Either way, we work together to understand the limiting subconscious beliefs and communication habits that are holding you back from creating the life you really want.

We then create new life-enhancing beliefs using PSYCH-K® and together develop action steps to fulfil the desired intentions.


If you find yourself…

Stuck with regret of past decisions…

Feeling a bit lost…

Seeking passion and purpose…

Tired of being tired….

Feeling anxious or riddled with self-doubt…

Wondering if there is more to life…

Wishing you had a better relationship with your partner, parents, siblings, friends…



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A Personal Coach is a facilitator who works with people to overcome obstacles that inhibit them from being their personal best. These obstacles can be in the form of repetitive destructive patterns, lack of purpose, not feeling worthy, health issues, childhood trauma, anxiety, depression and more, however the obstacles can also be unknown subconscious beliefs that are holding people back with relationships, career, money, health, lifestyle and the general ability to be happy and satisfied. 

Ultimately a Siren Soul Personal Coach helps you find your authentic power and transform your life!

There’s no better time to make the rest or your life, the best of your life!

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