Cosmic Consulting Classes

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Consciously Creating Your Best Life

Cosmic Consulting Classes are intuitively guided, one hour LIVE zoom sessions assisting you on your transformative journey with…

  • Spiritual Guidance Helping You Find Your Way In The World
  • Soulful Workshops To Gain Deeper Self-Awareness
  • Inspiring & Aspiring Webinars
  • Energetic Healing Transmissions For Personal Growth
  • Ancient Wisdom/Neuroscience – Building Your Knowledge Of The Amazing World We Live In

When we connect consciously to our inner self, life is more fulfilling, inspiring and purpose driven.


Why would YOU join the Cosmic Consulting Classes?

  • To strengthen your ability to hear & follow your intuition guidance
  • Embrace the skills to manifest what your heart desires with ease and grace
  • Develop stronger self belief & see bye-bye to self-doubt
  • Be more loving & less judgmental of yourself and others
  • Let go of your baggage from the past
  • Communicate from an empowered heart & build better relationships
  • Increase your core confidence
  • Learn skills to improve physical and mental health
  • Learn to recognise and release trapped emotions
  • Decrease stress and pressure
  • Cultivate more calm – inner peace

It’s time to achieve your desires of greater happiness, success, love, money, personal satisfaction and better health from the inside out – guided by your soul’s calling, not by society’s expectations. This is a process of slowing down and gaining more.


Everyone has dreams, desires and wants, even if they’re currently unclear on exactly what they are. In our Cosmic Consulting Classes we help you to gain clarity and confidence to define and refine those desires and step forward into your dream life.

Every class is a LIVE intuitively taught process, linking the collective consciousness needs.

So far, the Cosmic Consulting Classes have covered:
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#34 – Deepening Intimacy With Yourself

#33 – The Lovers Card & Your Beliefs

#32 – Self-Love Step By Step

#31 – Heart Alignment

#30 – The Hierophant – What Is He Teaching You?

#29 – How To Live A Soul-Led Life – Step By Step

#28 – LIFE HAS NO MEANING – or Does It?

#27 – What to Learn From The Symbolism In The Emperor Tarot Card

#26 – Physical Reality Is Mirroring You

#25 – How To Feel Worthy & Practice Self-Love

#24 – You Are Your Healer

#23 – ‘THE EMPRESS’ Tarot Card – Awaken The Creator Within YOU!

#22 – Find Your Signature Pattern, Reveal Your Purpose!

#21 – Connecting w/ Your Inner Child To More Easily Accept: “It Is, What Is.”

#20 – What Does It Mean To Access Your Ultimate Power?

#19 – Finding Yourself & The Love You Want

#18 – Unveiling the High Priestess within YOU! (Men & Women)

#16 – The Science Behind Being Our Authentic Selves & How We ‘Shine Our Light’

#15 – Get A Handle On Your Thoughts & The Law Of Attraction

#14 – Embrace More Of Your Potential By Understanding TAROT & It’s Hidden Wisdom

#13 – Loving Thyself & Others Better With Boundaries

#12 – Love v’s Attraction, The Cold Hard Truth!

#11 – Release Your Triggers & Embrace Your Dreams

#10 – Essential & Simple Steps To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams

#9 – Your Body Speaks Your Mind – How Your Thoughts & Emotions Effect Your Health

#8 – Unravelling The Mysteries Of What It Means To Be A Consciously Soulful Human

#7 – Love, Loneliness & Relationships – How To Experience Your Deepest Love

#6 – Unique Ways to Boost Your Mood, Focus, Clarity & Manifestation Abilities

#5 – How To Set Powerful Intentions On The Solar Eclipse & Beyond!

#4 – Tools & Techniques To Build Stronger Connections For Better Business & LOVE

#3 – Intentional Living For Conscious Creation

#2 – Using the Power of Passion To Gain Clarity & Direction In Business & Life








“I joined Cosmic Consulting midway through and wish I had taken advantage of the offer from the start. I have had a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments from the sessions and I think the way Fiona uses real life stories helps the information sink in more for me. The topics Fiona shares her knowledge on are always in divine timing for me ‘like just what I need to hear in that moment’. I am so grateful for Fiona and for her sharing her knowledge with us, she is open and straight up about what it is we need to hear for our own growth. I highly recommended giving it a go, love Carmen” – CARMEN, New Plymouth

“Fiona’s classes/sessions are delivered in her own unique way, the content is interesting and honest.  I love Fiona’s vibe right from the way she presents herself, to her humour adding light to sometimes uncomfortable topics, to her Queendom style and of course the Tarot as a tool.  Fiona’s guidance has helped me through a challenging period especially when my own intuition was off course.  If you are needing a spiritual shove in the right direction Fiona is your Queen! 🙏 ” – MICHELLE, Auckland

Answers to F.A.Q’s…

*  Every Monday, I present a LIVE ZOOM CLASS (you can catch the [REPLAY] if you can’t make the live event).

* The classes are intuitively guided, and also based on what the collective group needs.

* Questions are encouraged, both in and out of class time, in order to personalise the class time, as much as possible.

* You have access to the classes FOREVER.

*  Some classes are workshop style, others are overviews of spiritual philosophy.

* You are welcome to have your ZOOM camera Off or ON – your choice!
*  We have been sharing these classes weekly since mid 2022 – After consulting with, and coaching hundreds of people 1:1 since year 2000.

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Find out more details on each Cosmic Consulting class below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#1 – Clearing The Pathway To Your Queendom (or Kingdom) In Business

1. Understand that everything is ENERGY and everything can be transformed at an energetic level. 2. In business (and life in general), it is extremely helpful to know your PROSPECT. Your PROSPECT is your overall INTENTION (what you want to do and why you want to, it is NOT not the “how”). The ‘why’ is your personal urge eg: passion, dedication or excitement. The ‘what’ is the result you help achieve in the world or with people. For example: “I am passionate and dedicated to empowering millions of people, so they can more easily be their happiest.” 3. Know your top five personal values and use the essence of these to create your business values – then adjust your business protocol and advertising/marketing to reflect these values. If you show people you genuinely care, you don’t need to tell them. Being genuine by working from your heart will also be more fun and less stressful and effort for you! 4. Take care of your well-being (mind, body & soul) and everything will unfold in your business more easily. If you feel good your vibration is high, high vibrations attract abundance. It’s the Universal Law of Attraction. 5. SIX PROMOTIONAL POWER POINTS

#2 – Using Passion To Gain Clarity & Direction In Business & Life

🔮  We recapped the concept and benefit of having a specific ‘Prospect’ – this was a little confusing for some people because it goes against the grain of traditional business. The idea is to get clear on your overall intention (in life & biz). Refine it to a short sentence that can be used as a ‘spell’ to cast out into the Universe. NOT to tell the Universe HOW you will do it. 😉 Examples:​ “​I am passionate about empowering millions of people.” or “I am dedicated to being my personal best every day!” or “I am excited to make a difference in the world with my music.” or “I am passionate and dedicated to helping save the planet.” or “I love helping people boost self-confidence.” or “I am a leader in helping people make money whilst maintaining inner their inner peace and happiness.” Notice that none of these are saying HOW. It is about setting a clear intention without limitation​ and ego control. That is step ONE: Cast your spell Step TWO is: Follow your intuitive guidance for the next action step… (we will be going more and more into how to do this in the upcoming weeks.)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​ 🔮 Completed a ‘Repeat After Me’ Energetic Healing Transmission in order to clear blocks in the flow of money (and other forms of abundance) flowing freely and easily to you. 🔮 Practiced some Journaling Techniques to help draw out your heart’s deepest passion, rather than only ‘thinking’ about what you ‘think’ you are passionate about. 🔮 Did a deeper dive into the strengths and weaknesses of the Feminine and Masculine Energies that we all have. 🔮 Added 5 tips to our list of Promotional Power Points, enabling you to build a strong foundation for your business with clarity on your prospect, values, avatar and passion. With all of this information you will be more prepared for Social Media posting, advertising, PR and marketing.​​

#3 – Intentional Living For Conscious Creation

🔮 What is stopping you trusting the process of co-creation (and/or conscious creation)? Maybe it’s lack of confidence, faith, self-belief, low self-esteem… or something else! 15min into this Comic Consulting session we do a practical Energetic Transformational Healing process to bust some old subconscious blocks/beliefs – BONUS!!! In this Comic Consulting session we: 🔮 Provided a daily ritual to help you more easily stay on track with your ideal life and in alignment with your soul’s greater purpose. 🔮 Talked about x5 signs to know if you are living in alignment with your greater life purpose! 🔮 Discussed Taming Your Inner Beast – What is your inner beast? & how to tame this sabotaging energy. 🔮 Encouraged you to practice getting deeply honest with your communication as a form of setting boundaries. 🔮 Reminded ourselves that words have vibes and to be intentional about the language we use, even for the little-ist of communications – every little bit helps! 🔮 We did a real life ‘Past Life Soul Retrieval’ Healing Transmission with the gorgeous Anna (on a topic that MANY of you will relate to!) NOTE: This is in the last 15 minutes of the session. (Thank you, Anna for your vulnerability) 🔮 Learnt how to clear blocked energy using the Japanese Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu – the magical finger holds. 🔮 SPECIAL QUESTION TO ASK SELF WHEN MAKING DECISIONS: “Is this enhancing my spirit or depleting my power?”

#4 – Tools & Techniques To Build Connection For Better Business & LOVE

In #4 Cosmic Consulting session we discussed: 🔮 The No1 key to building connections in both business and your love life. 🔮 How to create connections with strangers in business. 🔮 My Magic Meaningful Marketing formula (which you can also use for online dating!). 🔮 Specific tools & techniques to build connection with yourself and others to enable you to be more happy! 🔮 The most powerful and life-changing question you can ask yourself. 🔮 A personal story from me about what my boyfriend and I did to rebuild connection when we hit a speed bump during the honey moon phase of our relationship. ​🔮 A beautiful “couples” eye-gazing connection builder.

#5 – How To Set Powerful Intentions On The Solar Eclipse & Beyond!

🔮 The power of a Solar Eclipse. 🔮 The do’s and don’t’s of what to do for yourself amidst today’s Solar Eclipse. 🔮 What is an INTENTION? And how to craft the most powerful intentions. 🔮 What is ‘INTENTIONAL LIVING’ and why would you bother to live this way! AND…​ ​ 🔮 Witnessing CONTRAST in your life with APPRECIATION.

#6 – Unique Ways to Boost Your Mood, Focus, Clarity & Manifestation Abilities

🌟 You’ll learn an easy technique to destress, rebalance & get grounded SUPER FAST! 🌟 You get to discover my 3 stage S.I.T method to enable you to increase awareness of your biggest sabotaging thought patterns… the ones that are suppressing your greatest life/reality. Remember, YOU DESERVE MORE! 🌟 I share 3 of my special secrets to enhance your mood, gain clarity and improve focus. 🌟 We also chatted about simple tips to keep your love alive during hectic life circumstances and teeny, tiny ways to maintain strong connections with people whose relationships are important to you.

#7 – LOVE, LONELINESS & RELATIONSHIPS – How To Experience Your Deepest Love

🌟   You’ll learn the number one reason you are single or currently frustrated in your relationship. (That is, if you are not feeling A-MAAAAZING in or out of a relationship right now!)

🌟   You get to discover the biggest cause of conflict and/or confusion in a relationship, or while dating… and how to let that sh*t go!

🌟   We discuss why trusting the process to meet your future partner through default, fate, randomly, (or the likes) doesn’t work for most people 😱  and why!

🌟   Find out the two key mindset topics your need to reset in order to change the reality of your current love life.

🌟   Learn THE cold hard truth about why you are NOT madly in love, right now!

#8  – Unravelling The Mysteries Of What It Means To Be A Consciously Soulful Human

🌟 The mysteries behind what it really means to live a spiritually conscious or soulful life – because, it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAY more than a cute concept or belief & WHY would YOU??? 🌟 We discussed the ‘Life Diet’ – Being super mindful of what you put into your body emotionally, spirituality and physically. 🌟 I challenge you with my “Golden Question”, as an an opening and insight into your greatest resistance… YOUR BIGGEST SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCK… and you deepest human need. 🌟 I shared QUITE A VULNERABLE PERSONAL STORY, that may absolutely surprised about!!! ​🌟 The difference between EGO LOVE & SOUL LOVE ( 😍 vs 💜 ).

#9 – Your Body Speaks Your Mind – How Your Thoughts & Emotions Effect Your Health

🌟   We begin with a Guided Visualisation. 🌟   We discuss the difference between your Subconscious Mind & Your Conscious Mind, and why it’s crucial that you understand this if you want to be in the driver’s seat of creating your most AMAZING life! 🌟   I cleared up some curiousity around how Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) works.🌟   I shared 4x Movement & Posture Techniques that help you get grounded and feel happier immediately!🌟   We worked through the emotional influences behind physical ailments that can cause us to have low energy. We narrowed down the ‘key limiting beliefs’, feelings and emotions behind these physical ailments.🌟   I lead you through a beautiful mind/body Healing Transmission – Shifting the old energy and old thought patterns and replacing them with life enhancing feelings and empowering attitudes – HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Right?!

#10 – Essential & Simple Steps To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams

🌟 Learn the first thing YOU MUST DO before you can even start to consider manifesting your ‘Dream Life’. BOOM! 🌟 We discuss the two main factors that allow you to hold a deeper sense of happiness (most of the time). 🌟 What actually is a “Dream Life”? 🌟 I lead you through a beautiful mind/body Healing Transmission – Shifting the old PAST energy and sabotaging thought patterns then replace them with life enhancing feelings for an empowering & exciting future. 🌟 Together we work through a bunch of Journalling questions that enable deeper dreams to come to the forefront of your mind. FUN! 🌟 By the end, you’re ready to write your ‘bucket list’ – We are calling this your ‘Exciting Life List’ – please share some of your ‘Exciting Life List’ in the YouTube comments.

#11 – Release Your Triggers & Embrace Your Dreams
💜  What is stopping some of your dreams from manifesting?
💜  What is ‘shadow work’? And how to really do ‘the work’!
💜  Why most people don’t heal from chronic illness, past emotional trauma, and constantly repeat destructive patterns – I explain how you can RESET “your-self” – mind, body and soul.
💜  What is a trigger? Why do we all have them?
💜  The THREE main types of triggers.

💜  A real life “Family Christmas Drama” that happened LAST NIGHT! I kid you not, the timing of this fiasco was well aligned for Cosmic Consulting, albeit rather stressful too. Perhaps a bittersweet example of how there is a gift in every challenge, or a silver lining … or maybe just two sides to every (“Tarot”) card, huh?!
💜  And SO MUCH MORE!!!

#12 – Love v’s Attraction, The Cold Hard Truth!
💜 The difference between LOVE, ATTRACTION + APPRECIATION. 💜 The FOUR human ‘inner urges’ that can create our attraction to someone. FIND OUT WHICH ‘URGE’ IS YOURS! 💜 How to set yourself up for your greatest, most healthiest love. 💜 Why the myth of the term “other half” is encouraging self-sabotage. 💜 How to attract your most amazing relationship and not a co-dependant relationship.

#13 – Loving Thyself & Others Better With Boundaries
We talked about loving ourselves better with clearer boundaries for ourselves and others. 💜 What is a ‘BOUNDARY’? + Why do we need them? 💜 Discover the prerequisite to setting boundaries. 💜 Learn the 3-steps to building boundaries from your heart not your ego. 💜 Why some people struggle to set boundaries – including; fear of being alone, fear of upsetting someone else, fear of being judged, fear of not being liked, fear of creating conflict… 💜 At the very end of the the video, we discuss the 4-FACTORS to eliminate to make “setting boundaries” easier! 💜 I explain the ‘Radiant Energy Visualisation’ to help you stay in your light and not fall with your triggers. 💜 The importance of being proactive and/or co-creative in the times when the most challenging boundaries need to be set. Meaning FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE CONSEQUENCES, OR WALK AWAY WHEN OTHERS DON’T RESPECT THE REALITY OF YOUR PERSONAL CONSEQUENCES.

#14 – Embrace More Of Your Potential By Understanding TAROT & It’s Hidden Wisdom
The big underlying question for this #14 Cosmic Consulting class is”What will I do with the energy that is me?” Many people do not realise they have the opportunity to co-create with the Universe, to create the life they want. Instead some people feel they are victim to circumstances in which they believe; unfortunate experiences are simply bad luck. Just “BAD LUCK”, is often, not the case. We are MAGICK. We are ENERGY. Therefore, how we work with that energy effects the outcome of our life. The Tarot is a spiritual tool to enable people to see into their current energy and witness subconscious blocks and missing pieces on the path to and through, their personal struggles and desires. The Tarot has been one of my personal greatest teachers – my Tarot deck is very precious to me, for that reason. Did you know… we are never given a challenge or an urge to fulfil a passion, without also having the skills to work through the processes to do so? Be it a hurdle or an achievement. We have the tools (keys) within us, all we need to do is: USE THEM! This is the logical element to “MANIFESTATION” – the masculine energy. In the self-discovery journey through the Tarot, the Magician is the first masculine archetype that the “fool” or “hero” or “human” encounters on his journey of life. He starts by becoming clear on his desires and focusing on them. The second archetype, which we can choose to understand in order to get to know thyself, is The High Priestess, she is the feminine energy that needs to work alongside the Magician (the masculine energy), in order to CREATE… ie: Manifest your heart’s desires and live a life you LOVE! ❤️ In this episode of Cosmic Consulting, we use the qualities of the Magician to help you set your ‘human self’ up to Manifest the life you want – this is the structure you need before you even tune into your intuition. The CRUCIAL & CRITICAL GROUND WORK! I encourage you to send me feedback about this video. It is a rather tricky topic to explain and I’m super keen to hear if it made sense to you, or if you have any questions that may give you more clarity on the big message of this #14 Cosmic Consulting class. Some of the topics covered: 🌟 How the major arcana archetypes in the Tarot play a role in our lives. 🌟 Why our challenges and crap times are crucial to our evolution as a human and a soul. 🌟 It’s time to understand and believe that you have magick powers! What does MAGICK with a “K” mean? 🌟 We unpack the Magician Tarot card. How does the Magician draw energy down for his creation/manifestation? 🌟 The meaning of the number 1. What life path number are you? Simply add up each number in your full birthdate. eg: born 9 April 1975 = 9+4+1+9+7+5 = 35 3+5 = 8 RESULT: 8 is this birthdates life path number. 🌟 What the old saying; “There are two sides to every card” means. Spooky cool stuff!!! As requested, please do let me know how well you grasped this information. AND, would you be interested and keen to learn about more of the archetypes within the Tarot and how you can use their teachings to up-level your personal life?? LEMME KNOW!

#15 – Get A Handle On Your Thoughts & The Law Of Attraction

#16 – The Science Behind Being Our Authentic Selves & How We ‘Shine Our Light’

#17 – Allowing True Abundance To Embrace You
What does ‘true abundance’ look like? What is ‘abundance’ on a cosmic level? What does ‘true abundance’ mean to you? Feel into your heart and find something abundant in your life NOW… hold that thought. In this session we complete a powerful group/individual healing transmission (that may appear rather unique to some of you). Enjoy the process. Simply by listening to this healing and choosing to up-level & let go of your past attachments, you will reap benefit from this process (even on the replay!). Then, I set you a challenge as part of your action step to move forward in life, embracing abundance every day.

#18 Cosmic Consulting – Unveiling the High Priestess within YOU!

#19 – Finding Yourself & The Love You Want
#19 is all about luuuuuurve… just not from the angle you may expect! We discuss: ♥️ The practical steps we can take to drop into our heart and ‘trust the process’, when we feel anxious & desperate to control the outcome (when it comes to finding or keeping “our person”). ♥️ The process to feel happy, whole and thriving “in the meantime”, ie; when we are not in a relationship with a significant other. ♥️ Why the way people treat you is more about YOU than them – and why we sometimes attract ‘crap’ situations. This can be a bit rough to hear. ♥️ What is self-abandonment? What are you doing that is not aligned with Self-Love? – Please email me back and explain your ‘thing’. EMAIL ME! ♥️ One way you can ‘hold space’ for yourself when your human mind appears to be sabotaging your life! This method helps you feel that you are not alone. ENJOY THE REPLAY and please do tell me in the comments; which concept (in this class) do you struggle the most to put into practice.

#20 – What Does It Mean To Access Your Ultimate Power?

#21 – Connecting w/ Your Inner Child To More Easily Accept: “It Is, What Is.”

#22 – Find Your Signature Pattern, Reveal Your Purpose!



Refine Your Desires WORKSHOP – NEXT CLASS FREE – simply email me for the link to the replay – EMAIL

What ‘Refine Your Desires’ covers:

  • Why it is SO IMPORTANT to be crystal clear on what you want
  • What “GOING WITH THE FLOW” really means!
  • How to DISCOVER YOUR TRUE DESIRES (using my three step process)
  • Become aware of WHAT IS BLOCKING YOU from this desire/dream being your reality right now (this is likely to be something completely different to what you ‘think’ it is).
  • How you can OVERCOME THESE BLOCKS, fast and more easily.
  • Set up your first ACTION STEP to bring your dreams into reality.




– Learn 6 powerful journaling techniques – 

‘THE HIDDEN TREASURE’ – It’s a little magical and a little mindset…


PRICE: $33

  • Incluldes mini e-book
  • Gain personal insight by tapping into your subconscious and inner self
  • Discover how to embrace empowerment and let go of limitations
  • Learn to listen to the voice that leads you down your happiest path
  • Tap into your heart energy


The Gratitude Journal – take yourself into heart-centered energy

The Purge onto Paper – gain clarity and reduce stress

The Letter to Yourself – become open to solutions and manifest your dream life

The Daily Journal – clear the clutter in your head and appreciate the present moment

Shadows to Light Journaling – transform those negative limiting thoughts into empowering insights

The Psychic Journal – be your own psychic to answer your most curious questions!

Why would I start Journaling?

Simply put, when life gets a bit tough sometimes we need a few self-help tools. Journaling is a free technique we can do every day to answer our own questions and for regular personal growth. It’s like being your own therapist.

We ALL have so many voices in our head – our thoughts often take over and control our reality. At it’s easy to confuse our fears and frustration for instinct or intuition. Journaling offers clarity and solutions!

Ultimately journaling is all about becoming more self-aware – however, it is also an incredibly powerful de-stressing tool.

For BOOKINGS or enquires: 

7pm NZT

PRICE: $33 (or FREE if you are part of the 21 Day ‘Nurture Your Soul’s Purpose’ Challenge)

PAY: 02 -1245-00442303-001 or $36 via paypal (currently not working)