heart-centered Transformation


Empower yourself through life’s difficulties

A transformational guided step by step journey to living from your heart!

“When life is not going the way we want, sometimes we need to stop, regroup, refocus and recreate.”

I can show you how.


Discover a new world as you step into the journey of YOU. This fun yet deeply healing project is designed to guide you to tap into your innate essence, remember who you are and ignite your fire inside.

It’s time to begin the next chapter of your life with a fresh sense of purpose, vitality and empowerment.

– Awareness – Acceptance – LOVE –

Many books and courses offer you the concepts, yet fail to give you a plan to follow through… and often we are left floundering about where to start. This is why the Siren Soul Heart-Centered Transformation Project is a step by step process that teaches you new empowering concepts AND you’ll also do the work along the way to get RESULTS!

– – –

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn the 6 pillars to living a heart-centered life
  • Learn how to make the most out of every challenging circumstances with my 3 step plan
  • Learn how to follow your inner guidance easily – ignite and strengthen your intuition
  • Learn how to reunite your mind and heart
  • Experience unique mediation and guided visualisation techniques
  • Discover what is wonderfully unique about you – what motives & drives you
  • Discover the power of journaling

– – –

The formula

Module ONE – Connection

In a world full of connecting technology we are ironically more disconnected from ourselves and each other, than ever. We can rebuild deeper connections with others and your innate purpose by first connecting back to yourself.

In this module we embrace six concepts with practical application, to allow you to find connection at your core.

Module TWO – Acceptance

In life there is always ‘two sides to every card’, as they say. After all, we can’t have hot without cold, man without woman, high without low. When we embrace this duality we can feel peace with what is.

In this module we explore your multi-dimensional emotional and physical self with techniques that dissolve self-doubt and self-criticism, allowing you to come to a place of self-acceptance and expansion.

Module THREE – Your True Self

In the media many people are banging on about being your authentic self, being real. Yet, some people are mis-interpreting this as an opportunity to ‘have their say’ with ego and polarising attitude. Being your true self is actually an act of soul love.

In this module you will learn to determine your soul’s response from your ego’s reactivity and how to manage your circumstances from an empowered spaced, which naturally sets healthy boundaries and improves the energy you ooze. Living as your authentic self ensures you will attract more love, abundance and happiness.

Module FOUR – Intuition

Life is incredibly magical, yet most of us have lost that sense of wonder and awe through our lifetime of conditioning. This makes it tricky to tap into our inner wisdom.

In this module we continue develop more balance between the head and the heart. You’ll learn practical tips and techniques to help you strengthen your intuition which will in turn allow you to more easily trust the process of life with confidence and joy.

Module FIVE – Curve Balls

No one is immune to life’s challenges. We all experience times of adversity and struggle – this is how we evolve into more of ourselves and realise our greatest strengths.

In this module we reflect on adversity and contrast. Using the harder times in life to develop more of our potential – very often this module also helps reveal your deeper purpose.

Module SIX – Show The World

It’s easy to read a book on how to swim, however if you don’t jump into the water you’ll never learn how to swim.

In this module we reveal your new self to your world. Actioning your new found tools in real life situations. By the time you get to this module this won’t be scary, it will be exciting!

It’s time to let your true self come out to play!


Why do this course?

  • To communicate fro your heart
  • To gain more happiness
  • To gain deeper purpose in your life
  • To draw in deeper passion and true connection with a partner
  • To believe in yourself more
  • To be more confident
  • To feel more satisfaction with life
  • To overcome fear and reduce self-doubt
  • To gain better balance
  • To find your magic!
  • I could continue… You can BOOK a FREE 20 minute consultation call to discuss if this is the right program for you.

You’ll experience a life-changing six weeks of; inner work, self-discovery and inspiring insights, videos and fun sheets  that you can refer back to anytime!

Everyone has their own unique purpose to play out in this life – Let’s get you back on track!

– – –


How does the project work?

The project is set up in an online portal which you can enter with your personalised password.

Each week you will have access to a new series of videos and downloadable notes with action steps included.

It is most ideal to complete the project in the six week time frame in order to keep your momentum high. However, it is possible to do the project at your own pace (should life stuff get in the way of your progress) – Too easy, right?!

You are also welcome to message me with questions if you get stuck or extra curious.


so, are you ready to embrace…

  • A deeper sense of happiness?
  • A deeper passion for life?
  • A better ability to say “No”?
  • Increased self-love?
  • More confidence?
  • Greater self-respect?
  • Stop apologising for being YOU?
  • An ability to better cope with challenging situations and people?


– – –


Business owner, creator, soul seeker, lover of laughter and recovering perfectionist, with a passion and dedication to help you be your personal best!


Self-Love will enhance every area of your life, all you have to be is OPEN and WILLING.

Are you ready to embrace your sassy Siren within…waking up to the meaning of YOUR life?