THE heart-centered Transformation project
Unwrap Your Heart, Live Your Soul’s Purpose
This program is for you if you’re ready to:
  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Let go of past burdens and heal old pain
  • Discover your deeper purpose
  • Deeply love & accept yourself
  • Take control of your energetic vibration

A transformational guided step by step unravelling of the BS that stops you having everything your heart wants!


This fun and transformational personal project is designed to guide you to tap into your innate essence, remember who you are and ignite your fire inside.
You will be guided to:
  • Witness & understand the signs that life throws you
  • Free yourself from the past and live fully now
  • Experience more passion & inspiration every day
  • Feel completely comfortable & confident in your own skin
  • Create your deepest love connection with your soulmate


It’s time to begin the next chapter of your life with a fresh sense of purpose, vitality and empowerment.

– – –


WEEK ONE – Manage Your Vibe

You are unique and that is your superpower!

It’s time to dust off your cape and unravel the layers shielding your heart .

In this first week of the ‘Hello Soul’ program, you’ll learn how to manage your personal frequency. This means you can be sure your human vibe is in alignment with your soul vibe.

You’ll learn to recognise what is truly blocking you – the specific beliefs and the stagnant energy. Awareness of this enables you to then shift that shit (so to speak) and let your best self come out to play.
Letting go the ‘characters’ and ‘part time personalities’ that you’ve been taught to portray. Allowing you to reconnect back to the essence of who you truly are.

This process releases feelings of overwhelm, self-doubt, feelings of being lost or in limbo, and other low vibe emotions and feelings.

In a world full of connecting technology we are ironically more disconnected from ourselves and each other, than ever. We can rebuild deeper connections with others and your innate purpose by first connecting back to yourself.

It’s time to come home to YOU.

WEEK TWO – Discover Your Purpose

This week you will reveal more details of your true life purpose.

You are on this planet to grow, expand the Universe and to experience joy. We grow through our challenges, not through the easy times. You’ll get an opportunity to see your life through a magical lens, one that shifts old victim energy into empowering energy.

We also tap into the power of ‘acceptance’ – both of self and others. Allowing judgement to fall by the wayside and joy to rise.

WEEK THREE – Embrace Your Darkness

We all have triggers… because we are humans! These triggers are usually showing us the next emotional layer inside of us that needs and wants to be released, to be healed. Triggers are emotionally charged reactions relating to memories of the past (of which you may or may not remember).

This week we strengthen the key components from week one by being deeply honest with ourselves for the purpose of empowered communication AND self-realisation. Some of our best selves have been suppressed… watch out world, your magnificent flame is now rising from within!

You will learn the four crucial factors to eliminate from your communication and thought process & four simple yet powerful practices to embrace and action.

You’ll also discover why so many people are addicted to materialism and use this knowledge to add a little more sparkle to your own path.

– Awareness – Acceptance – LOVE –

WEEK FOUR – See The Signs

Life is incredibly magical, yet most of us have lost that sense of wonder and awe through our lifetime of conditioning.

Life is always communicating with us, leading the way. Most often people are in too much of a hurry or trying to personally control a situation, and in turn, miss the messages that sit right in front of them.

This week, we discuss where these signs are and you’ll discover the four key factors to pay attention to, as well as how to interpret the signs.

I also assist you to refine your deepest desires and teach the five steps to ‘Conscious Creation’, guiding you to have what you really, really want!

You’ll learn how to better listen to your temple (your body).

It’s a special type of magic when you step into your personal power.

WEEK FIVE – Connect With Your Wisdom

In this crazy busy world, we often don’t make it a priority to listen to our wisdom because it’s easy to get trapped in the human world of survival mode.

Yet, everything is easier and more fun and graceful when we follow our inner insights. Instead of wasting time second guessing, sitting in doubt, worrying or losing sleep with decision making… YOU JUST KNOW .

This week we continue to develop more balance between the head and the heart. You’ll learn practical tips and techniques to help you strengthen your intuition which will in turn allow you to more easily trust the process of life with confidence and joy. You’ll learn the simple ways you can access your wisdom daily.

Your wisdom is like the most special, best friend whom you could ever connect with.


WEEK SIX – Stay in Your Magic

It’s easy to read a book on how to swim, however if you don’t jump into the water you’ll never learn how to swim.

Life is a two way dance between our humanness and the Universe (life). Co-creation.

Putting into action all the practical processes from the Siren Soul Treasure Chest of goodness. You’ll have this box of tools, tips and techniques to use forever!

Being an active participant in life is crucial to personal satisfaction and happiness. We take a step forward then life steps up, we take another step, life meets us again, keep moving… the adventure unfolds.

This week is all about learning to stay in your magic (most of the time). How to put into practice all the new ways of being and communicating. Consciously living as a heart-centered being. Trusting the process of life’s highs and lows. Living with deeper meaning and purpose and prioritising your well-being and wishes

It’s time to let your true self come out to play!


Why do this course?

  • To gain more happiness
  • To gain deeper purpose in your life
  • To draw in deeper passion and true connection with a partner
  • To believe in yourself more
  • To be more confident
  • To feel more satisfaction with life
  • To overcome fear and reduce self-doubt
  • To gain better balance
  • To communicate from your heart
  • To find your magic!
  • I could continue… You are welcome to BOOK a FREE 15 minute discovery call to discuss if this is the right program for you.

You’ll experience a life-changing six weeks of; inner work, self-discovery and inspiring insights, videos and practical processess, which you can refer back to anytime!

Everyone has their own unique purpose to play out in this life – Let’s get YOU back on track!

– – –


How does the project work?

The project is set up in an online portal which you can enter with your personalised password.

Each week you will have access to a new series of videos and downloadable notes with action steps included.

It is most ideal to complete the project in the six week time frame in order to keep your momentum high. However, it is possible to do the project at your own pace.

During this six-weeks, you are also welcome to message me with questions if you get stuck or extra curious.

“When life is not going to plan, we don’t need to focus on fixing ourselves, instead we can learn to live from our soul’s vibe, and let anything not in alignment with that, fall away.”

Soul Seeker, are you ready to embrace this?

SIGN UP TO ‘Hello Soul’ 2022 NOW!

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Business owner, creator, soul seeker, lover of laughter and recovering perfectionist, with a passion and dedication to help you be your personal best!


Self-Love will enhance every area of your life, all you have to be is OPEN and WILLING.

Are you ready to embrace your sassy Siren within…waking up to the meaning of YOUR life?