“This is not just a mindset program, it’s a healing experience!” (client feedback)



Love Quest is a 1:1 (in-person or zoom) AND interactive video-based transformational healing program (12 weeks), guiding men & women through the process of clearing their “love blockers” – LOVE QUEST teaches empowerment tools and shifts old patterns, for those who want to find true love and intimacy with someone special. Whilst this is a personal journey toward finally attracting ones dream love, it also benefits those aspiring to:

  • Boost Core Confidence
  • Stop Comparing Self to Others
  • Over-come Self-Doubt & Anxiety
  • Discover Your Deeper Life Purpose

Whether you’re forever single or finding the spark has gone in your relationship, LOVE QUEST will enable you to release self-sabotaging beliefs and other love blockers, connect with your higher self, ignite your fire inside and attract your ideal match. It’s designed to activate your personal power into a force that will enhance all areas of your life, especially your love and intimacy.


Transformation and miraculous change happens when we stop wanting the ‘quick fix’ pill and instead get willing to embrace our true selves. Nothing changes in our external life unless we consciously evolve ourselves within.


MODULE ONE: Activate Your Authentic Self

  • Clarify exactly what the authentic self is
  • Transform current/surface issues – experience transformative energy shifts (private session)
  • Understanding the subconscious mind and how it affects you
  • Illuminate the beliefs holding you back
  • The big question: Who are you really?
  • Discover your ultimate life purpose


MODULE TWO: Manage Your Vibe

  • What is energy and how to manage the vibe you ooze
  • Reconnect after separation from your essence
  • Take control of the emotion associated with memories
  • Learn to read your ’emotional compass’
  • Let go the baggage – connect with source energy
  • Learn four powerful self-healing techniques & the art of being fully present


MODULE THREE: Embrace Empowering Communication

  • Discover what authentic vulnerability is and how you can benefit from this
  • Discover your pain/drama activators and learn to eliminate them
  • Unpack resistance – release control and take back your power
  • Learn how to navigate life’s curve balls with ease and grace
  • Embrace your absolute value/self-worth & Re-write your story
  • Implement the life changing magic of boundaries


MODULE FOUR: Mastering Co-creation

  • Grasp the concept of authentic manifestation
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Allow your deeper life purpose to reveal itself – learn to live in alignment
  • Learn how to receive everything you truly want (from your soul’s perspective)
  • Master your inner world/Self-discipline
  • Living in your light – Discover what this means


MODULE FIVE: Balancing Masculine/Feminine Energy

  • Personal Power
  • Introduction to polarity
  • Understand perfectionism
  • Receive deeper transformational healing opportunities
  • Continue taming your inner beast
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence

MODULE SIX: Heart Centered Living

  • Control versus creation
  • The ego and its purpose in your soul’s expansion (Ego vs Soul (love))
  • Understand the concept of mirroring and how to use it to heal your deepest wounds/trauma.
  • Discover the two biggest killers to your sex life and relationships
  • Embracing the magic of the universe
  • Being with your daily heart centering rituals


Knowing yourself allows you to feel passion and purpose and know your place in this world.

LIMITED NUMBERS!!! (Due to one on one content)



LOVE QUEST guidance provides both LIVE and prerecorded videos (released in fortnightly modules) with easy-to-follow videos, resource material, and templates. All of the training is online inside a private, Siren Soul’s LOVE QUEST member only site.

In addition, you will receive a two 1:1 coaching session to assist your process and receive 2-4 Energetic Healing Transformations to enhance your new life enhancing processes – these session reprogram your out-dated and limiting subconscious beliefs.

ENJOY the inspiring group zoom sessions!

For more information on Siren Soul’s LOVE QUEST, BOOK a FREE 20 minute consultation call to find out if this is the right process for you OR simply join the wait list (no payment required to be on the list), click here.


A little self-love brings about life changing results!

Feeling happy and loved is your natural state of being. YOU DESERVE IT!


LIMITED NUMBERS!!! (Due to one on one content)

Join this Journey!



  • FIVE one on one coaching sessions (in person or zoom)
  • ONE-TWO Energy Transformation Healing sessions
  • Fortnightly LIVE zoom group sessions
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all reference material
  • SIX complete modules – Prerecorded video resources
  • PDF Guidebook
  • PDF Workbook
  • BONUS: Journaling Guidesbook
  • BONUS: THREE Healing Guided Visualisation Meditations
  • LIVE: Q&A group experiences with Fiona
  • A daily practice schedule – create your own rituals



BONUS PROGRAM: The Self-Love Revolution

Be in love with your authentic self!

This workshop guides you toward living a self-loving life – allowing a total acceptance of who you are to naturally unfold and enable you to let your true self come out to play.

You will be guided through processes to help strengthen core confidence, let go of old limting believes that have been holding back from experiencing deeper happiness. You’ll complete this powerful workshop knowing who you are and what you want and how to manifest it.

Bonus benefits of loving yourself include:

  • experience improved relationships
  • discover your deeper purpose
  • minimise self-doubt and anxiety
  • have naturally healthy high self-esteem


This is the re-launch of the original ‘Siren Soul Self-Love Project 2021’ Est. 1996, relaunched 2015…. Email enquiry here for the 2021 edition.





Self-Love will enhance every area of your life, all you have to be is OPEN and WILLING.

Are you ready to embrace your sassy Siren within…waking up to the meaning of YOUR life?