What is an Empowerment Coach?

An Empowerment coach is a facilitator who works with people to overcome obstacles that inhibit them from being their personal best. These obstacles can be in the form of repetitive destructive patterns, lack of purpose, not feeling worthy, feeling lost, health issues, childhood trauma, anxiety, depression and more, however the obstacles can also be unknown subconscious beliefs that are holding people back in relationships, business, health, lifestyle and the general ability to be happy and satisfied.

Ultimately an Empowerment Coach helps others realise their authentic power and in turn, clients are able to transform their own lives.

What can you expect in a Siren Soul Empowerment Coaching session?

We begin the self-discovery journey by getting a clear picture of your personal situation. We do this through a blend of discussion and kinesiology. We establish where your greatest block is (there is time to chat and offload thoughts and feelings if desired, however, it is not always necessary to bring up the past in order to heal the now and make way for a bright future).

Together we establish the focus of the session and then use Psych-K® techniques to balance the false, limiting beliefs lurking in your subconscious.

Psych-K® alone is often extremely life-changing.

It is a safe and strictly confidential space where you can be true to yourself.

I then offer other techniques that you can use in your own time to connect more deeply with your divine heart desires. These techniques enable you to look outside the box of conditioned thoughts and limiting beliefs, to reduce stress, and to inject excitement and inspiration back into your life. It’s therapy… yet so much fun! I promise you, we always have a laugh too 😉

“Maybe sometimes we take life too seriously… It is possible to be calm and peaceful amidst the chaos.”

There is no “one program fits all” as everyone is unique – however, I have a toolbox full to the brim with powerful techniques and suggestions that can upgrade your life – you can choose to do in your own time at your own pace.

I also use Energy Healing to help release the weight of the world from you – I align this to clearing away the clouds so that the sun (your light) can shine through – this is a beautiful and profound experience, even my most skeptical clients have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

“It’s easy for me to see the light in my clients… My role is to help you see it too – I’ve got your back.”

Why see an Empowerment Coach?

Basically, to make your life more awesome!

Become more self-aware, self-loving and self-compassionate whilst on your soul’s journey of growth and expansion. Jump on the journey with me and enjoy the ride of life!

“Let go of the control and find your power!”

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