Sometimes The Reason Is Simply ‘Beauty In The Moment’ – And That Is Enough

Siren Soul founder Fiona Mcleod is an empowerment coach in Mount Maunganui, Auckland teaching people how to live their best life

I’m a recovering over-thinker…


I used to dissect every situation. I wanted to find a deeper meaning, get a better understanding. Always diving into the reasons and possibilities…. What is this teaching me? Why is this bothering me so much? What else is it bringing up for me? What issues or limiting beliefs do I next need to overcome? On it went.


I just wanted to be the best version of myself… and thought if I could solve these mysteries it would lead to my greatest happiness… OMG. What an exhausting way of ‘doing life’. Fortunately, I found a better way!


Of course it’s important to be self-aware, to take self-responsibility and grow from experiences – it’s also super important to not to “over do” it!


One of the notions I’ve learnt to embrace is that sometimes things just happened because they just did – just for fun, for love, or just ‘cause.


“Just ‘cause.” It’s actually a thing.


A powerful example is in the various forms of relationships. Sometimes you meet an amazing man/woman… have an amazing night, or a life-changing week together or even share three months of fun…. Then that’s it – it’s over. “Just ‘cause”. Just because you had an amazing time, doesn’t mean it’s supposed to last forever. Sometimes the reason for it was simply beauty in the moment.

Yet too often we try so hard to hold onto to it – assuming something went ‘wrong’… Stressing, thinking of the lost possible future, remembering the past…


We do this because innately we want to fall in love, we want the pretty picture, we want the ideals that we have ‘learned’ to be our “happy makers” and therefore, we grasp tightly to understand why it went away, why the relationship didn’t last, why disaster fell…


It did, cause it just did. I say this so that you can stop the fight within. Over thinking strips you off the present moment, drags you far away from your hearts messages and even further from your heart’s dreams.


So often people use the term “failed marriage”, why? Because it didn’t last a life time? The pressure of societal norms often adds to this incessant over thinking. It distorts our truest soul desires.


So often we find ourselves striving to get somewhere, to overcome something in order to achieve or have our ‘ideal reality’.


As a therapist, I spent years helping people dissect their woes… find their specific limiting beliefs and move through challenges. All for the purpose to help them live their best life. It worked…

But I discovered, there’s a short cut.


It’s called CREATION.

When we stop trying to “fix” and focus on and what isn’t working and instead start creating, we move from control to power!


Get out of your own way, today. Drop the past. Forgive, forget, move on, be compassionate and start fresh. You can now choose to create your heart desires.



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“If more people stop focusing on their lack and more on their creations, the world will be a more abundant place.” Siren Soul






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