3 Steps – How To Truly Know What You Believe Is True

Don’t let the noise of the world dampen the urge to fulfil the purpose of your soul.


When I was a kid I would argue with my step father, that the ‘majority’ was not always right – he did not agree, simply could not get his head around this concept… and he never did.


Naturally his life took a very different path to mine, for the past 25 years. Eventually he passed, never aware of more than met his human eye.


My ideas and opinions as a kid only got stronger and back then I fought so hard to be heard. In the fight I gained nothing – it never really does – the ‘fight’ is not the way, I’ve found it’s better just to ‘be’ the other way. Be what you believe in.


You see, I’m not the same as my family, naturally I still very much love my family. However, my life mission has always been 100% different to my family’s… and that is ok.


“We don’t need to be understood and accepted by everyone in this world – in fact, if you try to be, it will lead to misery.” Siren Soul


You don’t have to have the same ideas as the “norm”, as the majority, or your family.


What I encourage you to do, is simply to find you. When we truly know and accept ourselves, we need not be so affected by attitudes and opinions of others. Everything is easier when we feel content within.


It’s easy to second guess ourselves… and I hear you asking…

How do we know what we believe to be true?

Start here:

  1. Find STILLNESS in your days…

… to hear what your soul says

  1. Add ACCEPTANCE into your ways

& understand others differences are ok

  1. Take inspired, INTUITIVE ACTION every day…

knowing that following your heart always pays.


This way your deeper truth will more easily become clear to you.


You do you.


Lots of love,



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