Learn My Confidence Secret! (It’s not what you’d expect)


Confidence begins with your choices.

Your choices have consequences… a ripple effect of powerful reactions that trickle out and effect your entire environment. Even if your choice today was to simply smile at that stranger in the street, spiking a small reaction within them. Your choices are powerful.

If you embrace the power, it will lead you into a life you may have thought you could only dream of.

I was a girl caught in a city and a life that I yearned to escape. Full of sadness, shame, and questions without answers. I hid away from my problems under the cape of a career and a brave face only to eventually lose myself in a world that was nothing of my truest self.

I’m not the only one in this conundrum… we get stuck in societies expectations and have little awareness of the depth that lies within us, no time to explore the more meaningful side of life and less confidence to try.

Most people assume I’ve always been confident.

But this is far from the truth…

As a kid, I fought my way to confidence as if my life depended on it – because in a way it kinda did.

I didn’t even consider whether I was confident or not – I had bigger fish to fry and spent time defending what I thought was right, ultimately to protect myself!

Initially my confidence and self-esteem was challenged because I was a very over weight child and it was made known to me by many…

Challenged more so by years of atrocious verbal put downs from a step parent…

Leading to relationship challenges and a constant search for love.

Childhood conditioning is powerful and the beliefs created then, play out in our adult lives. We see the results through our life’s problematic patterns, as our external world mirrors our deeper inner world.

You see, I knew what I wanted (in general), yet more so, I desperately knew what my heart wanted.

But “wants” mean nothing if your old beliefs haunt you like invisible hand brakes. It’s our “beliefs” that rule.

In those days, most of the time I “put on a brave face” and faked my confidence – This caused me to be a very gushy and over the top kinda extravert type of person – and whilst I have those tendencies, it was more to “fit in” and “be liked” than to genuinely have fun.

I was trying to be someone I was not…. Or was I? I don’t think I was trying to be anything but ‘accepted’ or ‘loved’. I did not even know who I was, not who I really was, not what my deeper purpose was…. A question which leaves even the most intelligent of us floundering. I’d been moulding myself around societies laws, family expectations and my circle of people and in turn, had not even stopped to consider who I really was and what I deeply needed…

Or wanted… other than to work hard, be successful in the sense of money and find a man to marry and have babies with… well, if that was the plan it didn’t work out so well anyway, because I ended up with none of that.

“Surely, there was more to life!” I call…

Eventually my inner self replied…. as I collapsed with a massive burnout – my soul had a way of sorting me out – getting me on track and forcing me to get real with myself!

Little did I know, the burnout was the cure.

At first I fought with my extreme frustration for losing all that I had created in the material world. It was hard at to accept. Yet, while I resisted everything, everything got worse… While I tried so hard to control things the more powerless and defeated I became. For months my body was crying out and my head was exploding. It was not fun.

Finally, I let go… I opened my mind and my heart. I let go of my previous visions of the world. I unintentionally began the process of self-actualisation. It was to be my beautiful journey home to self-love.

Real self-confidence comes from knowing yourself – YOUR TRUE SELF!

I urge you not to wait for the catastrophe, the cancer scare, the car crash, the divorce or other major life crisis. You can reset now with LOVE QUEST – This is the result of my heart and soul, my purpose, my passion, my self-love and deep happiness secrets!

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