It is safe to be you?

Judgement, comparison, criticism

How can we feel “I AM ENOUGH”, with the extraordinary increase of social pressures, hypnotic advertising and social media? More than ever we are under constant scrutiny.

This pressure of not feeling enough, is crippling…

The belief that we are not ‘enough as we are’, is reflected in many forms (I see it with almost every client, in one way or another.); trust issues, loneliness, lack of confidence, distorted body image, lack of purpose and so much more.

This belief can stem from childhood memories, a bully boss at work, how we have been treated in relationships, social pressures… and when we feel this way it can take a huge dollop of effort to hold our head high every day.

I understand.

For years I surrounded myself with people who wanted me to “cured”, they said I needed to be “change” or get “fixed”.… insisting I lose weight… stop being so sensitive and too emotional… be less “full on”, more calm. It didn’t feel safe to be me, in fact it felt down right wrong – I believed them (and because of this I thought I had to become someone different in order to be loveable).

During these painful times, I felt a constant tightness in my chest and kerfuffle in my head.

I wanted to be accepted for being me. I wanted someone to love my “isms”. I wanted to live without the feeling I should change to be more of something and less of something else… constantly “trying too hard”… OMG it was exhausting trying to be “perfect”!


When we feel we are NOT ENOUGH, relationships fall apart and loneliness kicks in. Everyone else seems to have their shit together, whilst our life is not going to plan.

The anxiety of not feeling good enough or loveable is debilitating.

One day I finally I realised that all the internal pain I was feeling was brought on by ME! – not intentionally of course – However, when you know your worth, you don’t take stuff that others throw at you so personally… and suddenly you don’t need constant validation or to ‘people please’… in order to be “acceptable”.

Now, I’m so proud to say I am happy being me.

Life will constantly throw us expectations and judgments from others…

The funny thing is, when you feel you are enough everyone around you relates that back to you.

That’s simply how universal energy works. Like attracts like.

When we radiate our “enough-ness”, life is so different and so much better.

Feeling enough is a by-product of self-love, which naturally leads to self-empowerment. Feeling in this vibe cannot help but positively impact, your relationships, your happiness levels, your confidence, your career, clarity and more!

It doesn’t matter what others think of you – it matters what you think of you – and after that… well, the world changes when you change.

I got a puppy for my recently. Have you ever stopped to observe a puppy’s unconditional love that they ooze so freely? To witness the innocence of their mistakes.. as they do their best, still accidentally be a little naughty or supposedly “wrong”. Constantly learning so much about life from their mistakes; peeing on the carpet, eating your favourite pair of shoes or biting your nose whilst having fun. You see, of course, they are enough – perfectly enough, yet still with a lifetime of growth before them.

We don’t expect a puppy to know everything when they are newly born. Yet they are 100% enough and incredibly loveable from day one.

And while they are on their journey of growth, they don’t get down on themselves, they still know how to love and fully enjoy the now – We could we actually learn a lot from a cute little puppy. JOY is their natural state, and in turn that is what they naturally give to others.

TIP – How to know YOU ARE ENOUGH:

Often, in our lives there’s often a bunch of stuff that is going pretty well and a few things not so great. As humans we tend to focus on the troubles, insecurities and worries rather that the good stuff. Which ultimately just makes the negative circumstances seem more cumbersome than need be. When we focus on anything we increase the vibration of the said ‘thing’ and in turn make it more intense and dominating in our life.

Often when we feel down on ourselves because we are comparing ourselves with others, whilst oblivious to our own unique gifts. When we open up and realise our own beauty and talent, and focus on that, we naturally enhance our innate awesomeness.

Our bodies and our feelings are a reflection of what we are thinking. For example: If we are carrying extra weight, perhaps we are weighing ourselves down with burdens and carrying around old stuff instead of shedding the past issues to make way for new beginnings.

Let go and focus on what you love and appreciate about yourself, people and your surroundings. Be grateful (even for the littlest things).

The trick is to get in the vibe of stuff that makes you feel good – do more of that.

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Your life will mirror how you feel about yourself – know you are enough today, as you are… and your world will change. I did it – so can YOU.


You are the seed, blossoming into a beautiful flower… enjoy the process.

If you want to start on the journey to embracing this new mindset, read my blog “How to be responsible for your feelings and emotions”.

Enjoy your world,


2 thoughts on “I AM ENOUGH

  1. Sophie says:

    I can so relate to this! Thank you for sharing and putting it out there. I get so caught up in my head and feel like I’m the only one to feel like this and get overwhelmed with all the things I ‘should’ do. When really I am enough already (eek that feels hard saying that) thank you

    • fiona says:

      Thank YOU for sharing. Yes, I believe it’s important for us all to know we are not alone… Each one of us has interesting quirks and talents, flaws and fails… let’s embrace the stuff that makes us, uniquely us… 🙂 Within our stories hide our greater purpose. xo

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