How To Feel Worthy & Practice Self-Love

Anyone can tell you that you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are magnificent. However, if you don’t believe this at your core, in your subconscious mind, then you will never believe them.

Sometimes we think; if we had a partner to tell us how wonderful and loved we are, that we might finally be able to believe it. Alas, the opposite is true.

We can only receive love to the degree to which we love ourselves. DAMN!

Yet, we were all born worthy and for the rest of our lives will be worthy. It is only our layers of conditioning that make us feel less than, at times.

So, how do we feel worthy?
Drop the ego, the layers of our ‘not so favourable’ conditioning.

There are a few ways we can guide ourselves back to our true worth.

In this blog I will share with you:

  1. The three factors required to fully feel your innate worth.
  2. The key action step to do in order to feel worthy faster!
  3. The big mistake some of your “spiritual” friends are possibly doing – hopefully you are not!
  4. Journaling questions to ask yourself, in order to activate the integration (healing) of your emotional pain that is blocking you from feeling worthy.

Signs & Subconscious Beliefs

Fortunately, it is possible to bring balance to this subconscious belief, “I am worthy, I am more than enough.” However, there is often a plethora of layers that lie under the resistance of this belief because we dive deep into the metaphysical illusions with emotional experiences, such as; feeling worthy, thereby literally opening a whole other world of possibilities. On the other hand, for example; we can more quickly transform the belief of having five toes on each foot, to be true for you, because it’s a tangible experience.

Therefore, the aim of the “I am worthy” game, is to release all the layers of resistance that makes this belief untrue for you. Sounds a tad overwhelming, I know. Yet, it is actually kinda simple. However, you do have to do “the work”.

Three factors required to fully feel your innate worth

  1. YOUR COMMITMENT – to yourself, your life, your soul
  2. YOUR ENVIRONMENT – a flower doesn’t bloom in non-nutritious soil
  3. YOUR AWARENESS – are you following the signs?

Allow me to let you into a little known secret of what feeling worthy looks like. It is YOU in alignment with your soul.

What does being in alignment feel like? It feels good. That is it. Therefore, the trick is to address everything that doesn’t feel good, these feelings are your signs.

The idea is that when we experience these yukky feelings, we be self-compassionate and understanding and then transform that crap! Bringing balance and harmony to your emotional state.

Sometimes this is a quick transformation, other times it is big trauma healing – although, even then, the healing doesn’t need to be painful or dramatic, we can feel our way through with intent and compassion and complete the processing of the traumatic experience. A lot like getting closure in a relationship, you could say.

In saying that, this philosophy goes deeper. You see, it’s not always about transforming the negative feelings, sometimes we must simply ‘listen’ to these as messages pulling or pushing us into a new direction. Your feelings are your built in emotional compass.

You see, fear and anxiety are not problems. Instead of trying to get rid of the feeling, we can use it for what it is intended – a signal to go the other way! Follow the signs.

What often happens is; people have an urge to do something different. It might be to leave their partner, to change jobs, to move countries and so on. But they do nothing about it. Then life gets harder and harder and they feel more and more unhappy as they ignore the blinkingly obvious signs to move locations, deal with a relationship issue, end a relationship, change career or whatever their soul is calling. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE FULLY HAPPY IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE!

You don’t ‘get on your soul’s path’ and then feel worthy, or start your self-care rituals and then feel worthy. You follow the signs to get aligned first and then simultaneously feel into your natural worth – it’s the by-product of listening to your inner callings.

This brings us to…

The big mistake some of your “spiritual” friends are possibly doing – hopefully you are not!

Often people want to get in alignment for the sole (not soul) purpose of manifesting what they think they want, the materialism of the ego. Instead we need to put expectations aside and simply get into alignment for the sole and soul purpose of feeling good.

Fortunately, the good news comes after this. Because if you focus on feeling good and align with your soul, everything will fall into place for you without all the stress, effort and exhaustion.

Most people focus on the physical world to make things happen. You have got to start with the energetic world.

Sooooo, what it the life hack, fast track way to get in alignment?

The key action step to do in order to feel worthy faster!

Practice sincere appreciation for yourself and your life as it is right now – warts and all.

That is it.

Sounds simple. Are you doing that? Or are you waiting ‘to get somewhere or have something before you can finally be happy?’

You can start to know your worth and practice self-love today.

Start with a commitment to yourself, practice sincere appreciation and try these self-observation journaling techniques:

Journaling questions to ask yourself

Grab a pen and paper (not computer).

Why don’t I accept myself?

Why don’t I like myself?

Why don’t I love myself?

Why don’t I respect myself?

Why don’t I admire myself?

Then create and write down a new belief, that would balance out your answers.

For example:


Why don’t I accept myself? “Because I am slobby and overweight.”

Belief balance = “I lovingly accept my body as it is today.” “I choose to nourish and nurture my body with nutritious foods and healthy exercise.”



Strengthen your intuition

This was you will lead yourself down your best path effortlessly.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this, feel free to sign up for the 21 Day Nurture Your Soul’s Purpose Challenge – HERE (You can start anytime you choose)

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Sending love,








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