The Journaling Project

– Learn 6 powerful journaling techniques – 

 It’s a little magical and a little mindset…
  • Gain personal insight by tapping into your subconscious and inner self
  • Discover how to embrace empowerment and let go of limitations
  • Learn to listen to the voice that leads you down your happiest path
  • Tap into your heart energy


The Gratitude Journal – take yourself into heart-centered energy

The Purge onto Paper – gain clarity and reduce stress

The Letter to Yourself – become open to solutions and manifest your dream life

The Daily Journal – clear the clutter in your head and appreciate the present moment

Shadows to Light Journaling – transform those negative limiting thoughts into empowering insights

The Psychic Journal – be your own psychic to answer your most curious questions!

Why would I start Journaling?

Simply put, when life gets a bit tough sometimes we need a few self-help tools. Journaling a FREE and EASY technique we can do every day to answer our own questions and for regular personal growth.

We ALL have so many voices in our head – our thoughts often take over and control our reality. At it’s easy to confuse our fears and frustration for instinct or intuition. Journaling offers clarity and solutions!

Ultimately journaling is all about becoming more self-aware – however, it is also an incredibly powerful de-stressing tool.

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