How To Match Your Business With Your Soul’s Purpose

In a world of increasing career options, WFA (work from anywhere) ideals, and online coaching/product sales; I witness many people consider working for themselves for all sorts of reasons.

In theory, it does not matter what your reason is, what matters is that YOU KNOW what it is.

I frequently hear reasons that people what to work for themselves including; freedom, autonomy/independence and having no-cap on income potential.

AND these are fine. However, not enough ☺️.

We must know how we truly want to serve others – be those ‘others’ your children, one significant person or as many people in the world you’d like to reach.

I guide clients to align with their passion and purpose (ultimately live ON THEIR SOUL’S PATH). This means to develop the ability to easily recognise what genuinely excites them, brings them inner satisfaction, feelings of bliss, & basically ‘lights their inner fire’.

One very important point to note when it comes to discovering more and more of your passion and purpose, is that it may not have anything to do with a career or business. It may simply be a hobby or a way of living.

This however, does not mean you can not have a passionate hobby as well as work for yourself – but it does mean you do need to know and have passion (or at least follow your moments of excitement daily).


Because when you are leading yourself on the path of passion/excitement/bliss, you are lining up with your soul’s calling. When you are aligned with your soul, you are a high vibrational frequency. When you are high-vibing, everything falls into place with ease and grace, and you are the happiest and most successful version of yourself.

It’s ok to have a part time job doing something that’s not 100% you, provided you feel happy to be in the job because you know the purpose to which that means provides. In other words, be happy in your work, no matter what it is. Find a way to think differently about it. Do not resent or complain about the job. If you really can’t find a way of being happy with the temporary or convenient job/work – do one of two things; 1. Change jobs 2. Heal the deeper reason why you can not be happy within yourself while doing that job (this may be as simple as finding a hobby you are passionate about OR as intense and healing childhood trauma – everyone is different). This is why the biggest aim in life, really needs to be KNOW THYSELF.

This is also why within my Intuitive Consultancy for the Soulful Branding & Marketing process for your business, I get you to answer many journal prompting questions.

Once you have answered them you can see on paper what you would like to change in the world, the skills you have that you are yet to realise, whether your passion is more likely to be a hobby, lifestyle or career, how you could blend your unique self into the line or work you have chosen, and so on.

It is not an overnight process.  It is a project of self-discovery, day by day revealing your best path. You are not supposed to know the final outcome because the journey is the destination. If it was not, you’d be waiting you entire life to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

Be the path. Allow it to reveal itself by following your excitement and bliss.

It is often not the direct route that you may expect – there may be many twists and turns – these are meant to be along your way to revealing anything from your soulmate to your biggest business success. Trust the process.

To create and run a successful soul-led business, we must not focus solely on logic – as that will limit you every time and cause more stress.

Your human mind is not built to have the amazing ideas, it’s there to allow you to experience the now. To see, hear, taste, smell, feel. To have the human experience. Your Higher mind has the grander picture. Therefore, we must allow space for stillness to listen to our heart, learn to use your emotional compass to guide you. To know everything is happening for you, not to you AND that everything you can dream of already exists for you – to reveal it, you simply need to get out of your own way. This can be done by clearing resistance as it rises on a daily basis – resistance comes in the form of triggers, physical ailments, destructive patterns, toxic relationships, frequent low vibe emotions… etc. Basically anything that does not feel good and flowing with ease (with divine love).

BUT let’s be clear, resistance is not wrong – it is in fact our human experience. It is there for us to experience the contrast of what we want, so that we can then reflect and refine what we really do want. Without the contrast you would not bother to reset your focus point. With the contrast you launch a new goal or wish, dream or intention. THEN, at this point it is super important to feel into that new DREAM/INTENTION in order to raise your vibration into the frequency to which you want. THERE IS A CATCH though. Don’t be specific to how that dream will look, use any visualisation ONLY as far as you need to experience the ‘feeling’ that you believe this ‘thing’ will give you. We do not want to limit the possibilities nor put expectations or assumptions into the mix.

In summary, working with me to create your successful business, will be a very holistic approach. This is your life. I’m here to guide you to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom and to live a life you love, that you have consciously created. This may or may not mean your business is a roaring success within the first or second year – but it will give you the tools to be on path with contentment, grace and personal success.

Anyone can make money. That’s not necessarily going to make you happy. The art is to make love, then the abundance will follow.

If you are feeling the urge to create your own business, rebrand or up-level your business (and life), (or you know someone who is pulling their hair out trying to do this) BOOK a complementary 15 min zoom session to discover the process of Soulful Branding & Marketing.

I look forward to working with you.





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