How To Raise Your Vibration

Live your best life by raising your vibration

Raising your vibration basically means; getting in the vibe of positive emotions and feelings, for the purpose of being happier and manifesting what we truly want, considering the law of attraction.

We do this by tapping into our heart.

Our heart is magnificently more powerful at helping us attract what we want, than the mind is. Yet, most of us spend our days running through life, trying so hard to achieve goals, and seeking happiness by using our head – over thinking, over doing and assuming that anything worth getting or achieving, shouldn’t be easy.


Why would we want to raise our vibration?

Because it feels awesome! It increases happiness, confidence, and allows us to more easily attract what our heart desires.


What are the emotions with a high vibration?

Love, joy, inner peace, happiness, passion, satisfaction and ultimately enlightenment.


What are the emotions with lower vibrations?

Fear, anger, sadness, grief, pretence (trying too hard), jealousy, resentment, shame, guilt, regret.


How does this theory work?

It’s the law of attraction – like attracts like. Life mirrors our own state of being and feeling. 

Everything is energy. This means everything has a frequency or a “vibration”. I like to align this to tuning into a radio station, because it makes it easy for us to grasp the concept.

When we are in tune with our true self we are in “alignment” with our true desires (ie the radio station is loud and clear with no static). It is our frequency that attracts the same frequency back. This also means we can consciously creating our life with law of attraction. Our vibration fluctuates as life throws curve balls towards us.


If we “think” we are in sync with what we want yet life is not working out that way… it may be time to have a chat to the subconscious because THE SUBCONSCIOUS IS THE BOSS.


In the meantime, the higher your vibration means the clearer and more potent your manifesting energy becomes. The power is in your vibe!

To RAISE your vibration, consider the factors I explain below. These factors can help strengthen your natural powers to attract your deepest desires…


***Disclaimer***This does not mean we should never feel lower vibe emotions, it is very important to allow ourselves to be human. Lower vibe emotions play an beneficial role in recognising healing needs, personal growth and appreciation. After all, we would not appreciate the sun as much, unless it sometimes rained too, right?


Boosting our vibration is an injection of self-love. 



I have created the L M N O P of tips to raise your vibration and help you follow your heart and ooze high vibe energy!


– Let go

M – Meditate

N – Nourish 

O – Oxygen 

P – People


This will help detox your mind, body and soul to enable you to feel lighter, fresher and with more energy! Whoop!


RECOMMENDATION: Begin with baby steps, it’s best to start bit by bit, as this way you will more likely develop habits that are long lasting.



Let go of negative influences that you have been conditioned to consider “normal’ and ‘acceptable’ such as:

  • Man made labels – (money, mortgages, marriage) and other expectations that we have been taught to think we are failing if we don’t have.
  • Brainwashing media – over use of social media, violent TV/movies and exposure to too much advertising can influence our subconscious unbeknown to our conscious.
  • Grudges/Blame – forgive others, not because what they did is ok, simply for the sake of yourself. You need not carry this burden any longer!
  • Judgements – of self and others… save your judgmental mind for logical decisions (crossing the road safely and paying your bills on time).


  • Meditate – 15-20 minutes a day to quieten the mind and chill out the nervous system (which reduces stress). This way you’ll be able to listen to your natural instinct more easily. Inspiration and awesome ideas will flow incredibly easily when there is less resistance in the mind and body.
  • Music – Playing is another beautiful way to get yourself in the zone. Choose music that makes you feel good.
  • Movedance, play, practice yoga, walk, run, whatever works for you!


  • Nutrition – you are what you eat (an oldie but a goodie). If you eat fresh live foods you will feel more energy, more alive, conversely dead food will leave us feeling sluggish and heavy. Cut down on; alcohol, caffeine, meat, processed foods, sugar…
      • Eat 70-80% plant based foods
      • Water – drink fluoride-free water


  • Nature – stop to be present and soak up nature’s healing ions.
      • Get your feet in the sand – this is very grounding/earthing
      • Walk in the bush or by the sea
      • Hug an animal



  • Breathe consciously – Start to become more aware of your breathing patterns and check in with specific breathing techniques as soon as you feel yourself falling out of balance – regroup with breath work.
  • There is another “O” too – 😉 …. have plenty of those!!!



  • Match your Energy
    – Hang with others who feel good to be around, who inspire you and make you laugh
    – Be mindful of how much energy you give away in certain situations. Ask yourself, “do these places, events and things feed my soul?” 
  • Avoid Vampires – some people can suck our energy and negative Nancy’s who spend their days in a low vibe mindset of anger, grief, sadness, shame, guilt, regret, jealousy, frustration. 
  • Declutter – give your home, the office and the cupboards a spring clean – donate your excess goods to charity




“You get what you think about whether you want it or not.”


When You Raise you Vibe…

  • People may drop off – when our energy changes sometimes we don’t resonate with the same people anymore, and that’s ok. Although initially this can feel a little isolating #vrtualhug – ride it though and new people will be drawn in in due course – we have to let go of old stuff to let new stuff in.
  • Be mindful not to fall into the “spiritual ego” and judge others for being in a different process – everybody is on their own journey doing the best they can.
  • Trust the process and avoid resistance, because this can block our progress.
  • Sudden shifts may happen; move house/cities, change of jobs, relationships may break up, opportunities arise. This can be sudden and feel quite dramatic – the old simply does not resonate anymore. It’s a positive sign.
  • Past pains or memories may arise – We store old emotions and energy in our body and now that things start to shift, it could feel like you are going backwards before you go forward – forcing us to deal with stuff we once suppressed, it could be time to resolve and make peace with some memories, once and for all. Be kind to yourself at this time.NOTE: You can’t hide your pain, put on a brave face and simultaneously live in a high vibe. This means you can’t fake it til you make it!

    Sometimes you have to spread a bit of light on your shadow side, to feel the freedom and lightness of high vibing!


“You can’t focus on something that bothers you and on something that doesn’t bother you simultaneously.”

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