It’s not you, it’s your subconscious

Do you ever feel like you have the ‘right’ attitude… have the perfect plans in place… feel completely zen… yet the S*** continues to hit the fan?!

OMG! I get it!

Rest assured I have GOOD NEWS…

It’s not you, it’s your subconscious…

When the software (subconscious) of your mind does not match the desired program (conscious thought)… we have a bit of a kerfuffle!

What we believe in our subconscious continues to manifest as our reality.

Unfortunately “positivity” can only take us so far. No matter how many positive affirmations we may tell ourselves on any given day… it’s not going to work fast enough. I KNOW, SHOCK RIGHT?! And unless we recondition our out-dated beliefs we will no doubt be witness to patterns continuing to repeat throughout our life – be that lack of confidence, relationship issues, money troubles, weight struggles, health conditions, not feeling good enough, constantly beating yourself up and more.

Therefore, if we have inbred limiting thoughts and false beliefs swirling within us on repeat (like an old school tape recorder), we need to upgrade these mindsets to match our ultimate dream life.

When we rewrite the software of our mind, we change the printout of our life… and the world – BOOM!


With PSYCH-K® – A set of self-empowering techniques that transform limiting beliefs of the self and perceptions of life, at a subconscious level.

As we grow up we are conditioned by our society, people and circumstances. Often what we “think” is our truth is in fact a false belief (or a limiting thought).

Common examples of false beliefs include:
“I am not lovable”
“I am not good enough”
“I don’t trust…”
“I’m not confident”
“Life is hard”
“I am fat”
“I am lazy”
“I am stupid”
and so many more…

… even though on a conscious level we can be aware and know logically that we are worthy… our subconscious beliefs can often be silently sabotaging our lives! The fact is, our subconscious and conscious beliefs don’t always match. And since the subconscious mind is a million times bigger and more powerful than the conscious mind, the subconscious belief will win every time.

As in the story of the Ant and the Elephant.

One day, as an Ant rode on an Elephants back, they came to a crossroad. The Ant eagerly wanted to go right, yet the elephant wanted to go left. What direction do you think the Elephant and Ant headed?… Yes, left of course.
The Ant is symbolic of the conscious mind and the Elephant is symbolic of the subconscious mind.

PSYCH-K® reconditions the subconscious mind with new self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals and conscious intentions rather than block them!

BOOK a session with a PSYCH-K® facilitator   LEARN MORE ABOUT PSYCH-K®

Psych-K is a quick and simple yet powerful and painless technique that can be done with a facilitator or through self-testing and balancing.

Siren Soul’s Self-Love Workshop – the Super-charged edition

In the Siren Soul Self-Love workshop we work together to take a birds-eye view of ourselves and our lives in order to re-group and re-set to be in a more enjoyable life, more happy, more confident, more appreciative, more chilled out and well basically start day one of living your best life and being your personal best.

Within this workshop, you will receive a personalised PSYCH-K® balance in order to leverage positive change in your personal happiness and success. You will also walk away with a self-love toolbox full of tools and techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere!

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