Do you ever think you have; a great positive attitude, the perfect plans in place… yet the S*** continues to hit the fan?!

I get it!


it’s not you, it’s your subconscious…

AND it is possible to rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your life… and the world.

As we grow up we are conditioned by our society, people and circumstances. Often what we “think” is our truth is in fact a false belief (or a limiting thought).

Even though on a conscious level we can be aware and logically know that we are worthy of greatness, abundance, love and so on… our subconscious beliefs can be conflicting due to our past, and therefore silently sabotage our lives and great desires.

Since our subconscious and conscious beliefs don’t always match and the subconscious is a million times more powerful than the conscious, the subconscious belief will win every time.

As in the story of the Ant and the Elephant.

One day, as an Ant rode on an Elephants back, they came to a crossroad. The Ant eagerly wanted to go right, yet the elephant wanted to go left. What direction do you think the Elephant and Ant headed?… Yes, left of course

The Ant is symbolic of the conscious mind and the Elephant is symbolic of the subconscious mind.

THE GOOD NEWS – Fortunately, PSYCH-K® reconditions the subconscious mind with new self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals and conscious intentions rather than block them!

With simple yet powerful balancing techniques PSYCH-K® get the left and right brain communicating in a more balanced manner – which in turn brings more harmony and flow to our lives – hallelujah!

What happens in a session with a PSYCH-K® facilitator?

We begin with a consultation about what is going on for you and what you would like to change or improve in your life. Then together we create a list of empowering new positive beliefs, which we then “balance” these using left and right brain activating postures and movements.

We need not know why we have these limiting beliefs. After all, we all have them, everyone has collected the many pages of their personal story book throughout life. “Perception” of any given situation is in the eye of the beholder, meaning what one take from certain events, conversations and circumstances is different for every person.

PSYCH-K® is a quick and simple yet powerful and painless technique that can be done with a facilitator or through self testing and balancing.

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