Shadows Blocking the Light of Future Dreams 

Are your Shadows Blocking Future Dreams, a blog post by Fiona McLeod of

Are your shadows of the past holding back your future dreams?

Some of us actually want a dream to come true yet ironically fear it at the same time. It’s easy to be scared of the unknown. This fear is often disguised as anxiety, excuses or lack of confidence, which will invariably push our dreams further away.

We all have emotional or engertic blocks that are inhibiting us from being our personal best. It’s our responsibility to break through these barriers and let our essence shine!

Are your Shadows Blocking Future Dreams, a blog post by Fiona McLeod of Sirensoul.comSo how do you let go of these inhibiting factors? Start by recognising how you feel… Often these feelings are based on an illusion we have created in our brain. It’s almost like a spell that was accidentally cast over us years ago by a someones comment(s). Perhaps it was a parent, brother, sisiter, teacher, friend, or other influential person from the past. In most cases it’s likely the comment was said innocently by another – yet, the humans mind feels and remembers, creating our own understanding of “stuff”, which creates our beliefs.

We have the power to change this NOW…

If a belief is just a thought then we can change our beliefs by changing our thinking. Changing our thinking will change our feelings. Changing or even simply managing our feelings will change our experience of any given situation. In turn this changes our actual reality – woo hoo!

Forgiveness is another helpful act of kindness you can give yourself to rid these unwanted blocks (more on the topic of forgiveness coming soon!).

So let’s do this!

Create a new story for your brain to lap up! Write down your dream, write down your ideal life, write down how this life you are planning makes you feel…. feel this new emotion, write down baby steps that can take you closer to your goal, your dream and consciously take action to change something small everyday.

Some suggestions to help prep you for your awesome new life include:

  1. Invest 5-10 minutes daily to Google topics around your passion – watch videos and read blogs to keep your inspiration flowing.
  2. Become aware of your posture, hold your head high with your shoulders back – immediately you will feel more empowered.
  3. Dress like the person who would be living the dream you desire.
  4. Surround yourself with people who believe in you or who have similar interests to you and your dreams.
  5. Practice daily breathing techniques. Sit still and focus on the breath… consciously thinking about breathing in new beginnings and breathing out fear and negativity, breathing in the positive and out the baggage – do at least ten breaths, or even better aim for ten minutes.

“Baby steps is where marathon runners begin.” Siren Soul

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