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Are you ready to live your best life?

  • Bust old beliefs that are holding you back
  • Gain confidence in your core
  • Turn your worries in to wonders
  • Heal your hangups and find happiness
  • Find your magic


  • My TOP TEN secrets to feel empowered every day
  • How to reunite your MIND and HEART
  • Techniques that will raise your vibration
  • Tools to easily tap into your subconscious
  • How to follow your intuition
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Siren Soul’s Magnet for Miracles

– The Holistic Life Planner –

Would you jump into an Uber or Taxi without giving clear instructions of your desired destination? I’m guessing “No”.  Why is it then that we travel through life without specific direction? Luckily I have a few answers for you!…

If you wish your life was better and your motivation is lacking, if you’re constantly repeating patterns or not following through – meaning your dreams aren’t coming true… I have GOOD NEWS my friend… YOU are invited to join this extraordinary game changing one day workshop.

We go through 12 areas of your life, creating, manifesting and exploring your unique best life. We also discover and clear subconscious blocks (those beliefs that have been holding you back, making you repeat patterns year after year!).

We clear these blocks using PSYCH-K® balances – a fast and incredibly effective technique. A PSYCH-K® balance is a process designed to create balanced communication with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This “Whole-Brain State” is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals rather than block them!.

You will finish this powerful day filled with clarity, excitement and an action plan to assist you moving closer to your ultimate life, deeper love and genuine inner peace and happiness.

You’ll also learn ways of tapping more easily into your intuition, explore guided visualisation and have so so so much fun!

Numbers are limited!

NEXT EVENT: 10am – 6pm on Saturday 22nd FEBRUARY 2020, with an optional (complementary) follow up 11am – 2pm Sunday 23rd FEBRUARY 2020.

LOCATION: Oceanbeach Road, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

Email: fiona@sirensoul.com to register.

COST: $299.00 or
Early Bird Special $222.00 (if committed & paid before 02 FEBRUARY 2020)

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Siren Soul’s Wonder Writing

(A ‘How To Journal’ Workshop)

It’s a little magical and a little mindset…

  • Gain personal insight by tapping into your subconscious and inner self
  • Discover how to embrace empowerment and let go of limitations
  • Learn to listen to the voice that leads you down your happiest path
  • Tap into your heart energy
  • Find your life purpose



The Gratitude Journal – take yourself into heart-centered energy

The Dream Journal – discover messages relevant to healing your repetitive patterns

The Purge onto Paper – gain clarity and reduce stress

The Letter to Yourself – become open to solutions and manifest your dream life

The Daily Journal – clear the clutter in your head and appreciate the present moment

Shadows to Light Journaling – transform those negative limiting thoughts into empowering insights

The Psychic Journal – be your own psychic to answer your most curious questions!


Why would I start Journaling?

Simply put, when the S*#^! HITS THE FAN sometimes we need a few self-help tools…. journaling is something we can do every day for personal growth OR we can simply store this power tool in our personal tool box and use it when life gets a little tricky.

We ALL have so many voices in our head and our thoughts can take over and control our reality – at times under pressure it’s easy to confuse our fears and frustration for instinct or intuition. Journaling offers clarity and solutions!

Ultimately journaling is all about becoming more self-aware… BUT WE CAN ALSO USE IT TO GET ANSWERS to some tough questions! WOW, I know right. JOURNALING IS EXTREMELY MAGICAL!!!

Now YOU can literally be cool, calm and collected in any situation with the Siren Soul Journaling techniques.

PRIVATE SESSIONS are also available. BOOK NOW (below) or email enquires to fiona@sirensoul.com