Siren Soul’s
Self-Love Revolution

Are YOU living your life to its fullest?

This ground-breaking workshop helps you unlearn all the bulls&%t rules the world has taught you so you can live your best life!

The Siren Soul Self-Love Revolution guides you to easily live in a more self-loving and self-aware way – naturally boosting happiness, peace, and self-confidence, as well as improving relationships and finding your greater purpose in life! BOOM!

You will learn ways to release the past and other aspects holding you back in life.

Move forward more positively with purpose and passion!

“Maybe it’s time get better at feeling… so that you can feel better…”

The Siren Soul Self-Love Revolution is incredibly FUN, yet powerful too. Are you ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE today?

It’s time to:

  • Discover more about yourself
  • Boost your confidence
  • Be happy
  • Live with fulfilment

Why do this course?

  • Gain back your energy
  • Be more satisfied by life
  • Enhance peace, joy, happiness
  • Embrace your uniqueness
  • Improve relationships
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Answering questions like:

  • What is Self-Love?
  • Who am I, really? What is my passion and purpose?
  • Stuck in a rut… What’s stopping me from moving forward?
  • Why do I over react?
  • How can I fit balance into my busy schedule?
  • How can I reduce stress and anxiety?
  • How can I strengthen my intuition?


Siren Soul’s Self-Love Revolution includes:

  • What is Self-Love?
  • Acceptance vs Judgement
  • Learn the life-changing magic that personally changed my life AND how you too can use this to boost your process to personal empowerment!!!
  • What is Vulnerability? Really?
  • What is YOUR “story”?
  • Learn my top 4 secrets to finding your authentic self (under the rubble of society’s conditioning)
  • Learn the emotional compass
  • We discuss being a victim v’s being empowered
  • Learn techniques that you can do anywhere, anytime to feel better immediately
  • Learn my top tricks to tap into your intuition!
  • What is “co-creation”?
  • How to manifest your deepest happiness…

And Much More!


Life is a joy ride when you deepen intimacy with yourself.

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Mount Maunganui, NZ

Start Date: TBC
Time: Wednesday evenings, 7:00-9:00pm

Seats Limited to 20 women

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Auckland, NZ

Start Date: TBC
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm

Seats Limited to 20 women

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Self-Love will enhance every area of your life, all you have to be is OPEN and WILLING.

Are you ready to embrace your sassy Siren within…waking up to the meaning of YOUR life?