Slowing down to the speed of life

… and beginning Self-Love

When I first discovered the art of self-love and started implementing self-loving practices, the first thing I had to get used to was “doing less”. This was quite a shock to my system, after barely pausing to even go to the bathroom, for previous years on end.

Being a high achiever or at least a wanna-be high achiever, I figured the more I did and the faster I did it, the quicker I’d get the results that I “thought” I wanted… and ultimately I could then, “start my life” – uh duh!

Although I did enjoy many aspects of what I did do and certainly I was proud of many things I had achieved – none of it had bought me any level of true happiness or long term satisfaction.

In fact, it hadn’t even bought me the “stuff” I wanted – I was still financially broke! (later learning that part of self-love is knowing your worth and charging clients accordingly).

I’m a big believer in understanding that our body speaks to us. I’m not meaning intuitively I actually mean physically (although intuition is one in the same and definitely another point I’ll discuss later on).

Basics, if we’re tired we need to rest… sooooooo basic yet almost everyone ignores this simple fact. To dive further into the metaphysics of our bodies messages; we get aches, pains and ailments that we suppress with pain killers, steroids creams, coffee, alcohol to name a few. Ahh hello – missing the point!

Your body speaks your mind.

When our bodies cry out in some way, that is literally what the body is doing – crying out for help. Often it is also a sign that it’s time to recognise a “block” that could also be inhibiting us from being our personal best. What I mean by this is; say you get a sty in your eye… perhaps this is a sign you’re refusing to see your current situation for what it really is OR you might sprain your ankle in fear of stepping forward in life… the list goes on and on and can get deeper and deeper. One of our famous earlier new age inspirers, Louise Hay, was a big advocate of this philosophy.

Eventually life catches up on us. Like a child who constantly ignores their parents discipline, over time the punishment gets bigger, as we take longer to listen and do as we are told. This was to be the story for me – rushing around like a headless chook for so many years, without even making time to sleep or properly breathe…. Finally, the anxiety and stress went from adrenal fatigue to breakdown.

Getting back to the “slowing down” to the speed of life. I had no choice when my body literally putted out on me.

This was to be one of my greatest lessons and greatest gifts, as I finally stopped, found a little stillness and began to listen to not only my body but also my intuition.

“Doing less” yet strangely, achieving more. How is this possible? Well, when we slow down and hear what is best for our mind, body and soul… we make better choices for ourselves. We do something the right way the first time, we say no to the waste of time stuff and people, we feel happier “being” without constantly “seeking”. AND ultimately we are nicer people to be around. It’s the old saying – “Always put your own oxygen mask on first.” You’re not much good to your partner, children, friends, or co-workers if you are constantly running on empty… If you keep topping up your own cup, you can over flow with goodness for others too.

The life message will catch us all in the end…  Will YOU wait for the car crash, the cancer scare, losing a loved one or other life crisis to start waking up to YOUR meaning of life?

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