Is it YOUR time to AWAKEN and live your life on purpose?

Everyone is banging on about this time, being so important for individuals to awaken, meaning, ‘to wake up’ spiritually and become more ‘conscious’. Yet, is this something YOU want to do?

The truth is, you can’t chose to “awaken” as such, however it is possible to do a little prep work and self-discovery, in the meantime.

When I was 20 my then, boyfriend, introduced me to the world of ‘more than meets the eye’. I’ve explored much more since then. Yet, it took me almost another 20 years to actually “get it”, you know, for the ‘penny to drop’, the ‘light bulb to go off’, to “awaken”… the “A-ha” moments, you get my drift.

What I’ve come to accept and now embrace, is that life is not supposed to be all good times, in fact it’s super important we also have not so good times, in order for us to realise and appreciate what we have – “contrast” has its purpose. It works a lot like a compass, for when we know what we don’t want, we then also know what we do want.

What amuses me is that humans have this level of expectation of what life should be. So much so, that they’ll swear black and blue that their version is true.

We are not entitled to life, it is a gift and an honour to serve the Universe. Life is about finding our calling for the purpose of expansion of the Universe – we are here to help evolve the planet as with all other living species. What we are entitled to as a human, is guidance from within ourselves. Our soul knows what is best for us, and that is; everything that comes from a place of love.

A spiritual awakening happens when you are ready for it, although it’s unlikely to feel ideal at the time. The process is heartfelt and lead by grace, however it usually occurs within a “crisis” (personal or otherwise). You can then chose to rise to the occasion, or fall deep into victimhood. Our greatest challenge is also our greatest gift because there is always a message in the mess.

Growing spiritually forces us to go deeper in order to find understanding – initially seeking a “way out” of the “crisis”. When we truly strip back the ego we find that our essence is simply pure LOVE – and with that ‘love essence’, it is so easy to be happy, satisfied and grateful in any situation. There is a saying;

“When the ego weeps for what it has lost, the spirit rejoices for what it has found.”

Humans complain a lot, it’s actually become a social acceptance, a type of “connecting”. Often, if we heard ourselves, and witnessed ourselves from a birds eye view or through the eyes of another less fortunate, we might not complain or make the same decisions – People frequently fight and ruin their relationships over money and material possessions. I’ve observed friends moan that their home isn’t enough and how hard done by they are that their husband hasn’t yet bought a bigger and better one.

People are all wrapped up in the external world of gratification, they become very busy, trying so hard to achieve something for the future, that there is no time for reflection. No stillness to gain perspective, and so much stimuli to distract them.

Our first step is to become aware.

We then all need to add more stillness into our lives, if we want to ‘wake up’ and ‘be happy’. Insights, wisdom, and inspiration can’t be created with ‘thought’. Our greatest ideas and epiphanies come when we get out of our head and into our heart – which is why we receive our best ideas in the shower, during a beach walk or first thing upon waking after a restful night’s sleep – you know this!

The third step to self-exploration, is to release judgement, blame, criticism and comparison – then use this to begin better communication and interactions with others and yourself. I believe you’ll be blown away at how your relationship connections get stronger and life naturally becomes more harmonious. I know this because I’ve done this! When we change, so does our world around us.

When we can except others for who they are and take each individual as a gift, rather than an annoying curse, we quickly start to get excited about our life again and everything becomes more enjoyable.

When we respond from a place of love rather that react from the ego we naturally draw in life enhancing opportunities, which in turn, with time, offer signs and directions toward our true calling. We always win if we follow our heart. I believe you can only gain true wealth AND happiness through your divine purpose.

For those who do not want to become “spiritual”, I simply ask do you want to be ‘happier”?

If you do not choose to grow or be open to anything deeper, your happiness will always be dependent on another, which essentially is giving away your power. You are the only one who holds the power for you to be truly happy.

Ponder over this; if all you had was stripped away from you today – family, possessions, career… everything bar yourself, one set of clothing and a note pad… how would you feel?

Here is an important disclaimer – It is not always easy on the spiritual journey, however it is worth it. The journey into yourself has its own set of challenges. I have felt rage, had spiritual temper tantrums as well as moments deep despair. Proclaiming “I did not choose this at all.” Although, I know I did, on a soul level. These episodes only happen when the ego interferes, which it is bound to do so – we are a human – In these times it is important to acknowledge what you feel and keep going – for each frustration that arises is simply the emotional compass giving you a clear direction of where to focus next. Enquire within and listen.

When you wake up, nothing will feel as meaningless and hopeless again.

Those that chose to maintain their status quo may in fact be wealthy and fairly happy – however, connection and conversations with others are frequently about comparison, greed, judgment, power and control, with often a clear lack of compassion to all those different to thee.

Either way, the crisis which stimulates ones awakening is rarely a conscious choice. As with COVID19, it started as a bit of bang, a punch in the face – Our world needed a ‘wake up’ call, if not for each individual’s sovereignty and growth, instead our planet’s…. How else could the Universe get so many of us to sit up and take notice. To join together, be reminded we are ONE: UNI -VERSE – one song, playing much better in harmony.

It’s easy to fob it off as bad luck, get annoyed, and start blaming the world for how hard life is. Will you fall victim to the circumstances or rise with empowerment?

I understand what it feels like to resist a spiritual awakening, with a great desire to have so much more stuff, more money, a more exciting lifestyle…  I’ve been there – I also understand how it feels to surrender to it all and be happy in my own space for long lengths of time – no money, no official home, no partner, no official job, and a feeling of incredible freedom and abundance. I am proud to have experienced both.

Of course, it is possible to have wealth or some level of abundance and be awakened – In fact, for many this will be their path in the years to come – to simply gain wealth through the service of ones’ souls purpose, has to be the ultimate blessing.

Spiritual awakening happens when our true nature calls us to know ourselves. At our essence we are love. All we need to be (ironically at this time) is home, come home to yourself – come home to love.

I understand that at this time it is tough for many, genuinely, not just currently experiencing a slightly less extravagant lifestyle, however genuine hardship. It’s is a real thing. I invite you to view things differently – whatever your circumstances, you are a soul having a human experience – Life never made us a promise that our experience of life was going to be full of rainbows and unicorns, what life did provide is the law of polarity. Therefore, with all that life has given us – Why do we only see the lack and not the gifts that lie everywhere – both tangible and intangible.

One thing I do know for sure, your “Spiritual Awakening” story, will be empowering!

The best stories happen when we share with each other, tell us in the comment below your empowering story and what changed your life or anything you are struggling to change right now.

with love,

Fiona McLeod

How to begin? Start by being satisfied, happy and grateful for what already is. Feel free to contact me for a one on one session to kick start you self-discovery today –





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