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What to do when you feel like giving up.

Have you ever felt beyond exhausted? You can hardly get out of bed because you’re constantly fighting the struggle, your body is heavy and tired and all that motivation of last year, last month, last week seems to have gotten you nowhere… and it’s difficult not to wonder, why me again?!

Sometimes we feel so lonely amidst all this effort to get ahead, others are winning while all our attempts appear to, fail? The more we force on through, the more troubles seem to pop up.

The exhaustion from trying so hard can leave us with low energy, and maybe even with insomnia or depression, because of the worry or frustration.

The distractions from reality – alcohol, television, social media, maybe even drugs – taking us further away from what we really want – yet that quick fix to ‘feel good’… seems the only thing putting a smile on our dial, each day…

This is called ‘stuck in a rut’.

It can also be similar to the mouse on the treadmill – and to be quite frank – it’s no fun!

BUT how do we break this cycle?

How do we power on through the struggle?

Ironically the key here is the opposite of what you’ve always done or known to be true – not dissimilar to the fact that fat used to be bad for us and now they tell us the opposite is true…

The truth is trying TOO HARD is also bad for us and takes us further away from what we really want.

Just because most people are doing something… doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because it’s always been done a certain way, does not mean it’s the best way – I believe it’s time to shift our way of thinking and get back to the basics.

Life really is way less complicated than we give it credit for – it’s so simple that we often find it tricky to believe this simplicity is the best answer.

Take a moment to consider nature…

Nature is peaceful and goes with the flow of life. Nature understands that things change and grow when the time is right. Nature does not force the seed to sprout ahead of time. Nature builds strong roots as the foundation of a magnificent tree. The deeper the roots and preparation the bigger and stronger the tree can grow.

Every part of nature is designed perfectly to work together – the insects, the animals and the plants… together they eat, harvest and grow, constructing the most beautiful creations that humans have ever seen…

AND THEN what happens?… humans go and interfere with this natural process… creating dead land and disrupting the natural kingdom… putting unnecessary obstacles in the way of natural growth and evolvement – and we watch our environment die before us.

Humans are part of nature yet most have separated themselves from this gift.

When humans interfere and put obstacles in front of themselves they destroy their own evolution too.

Going with the flow is the only way to ultimate beauty, growth and success BUT sadly we are conditioned to resist, fight, push forward and hurry through life as if we are yet to begin our journey. Waiting to get to some ‘destination’ in order start, with all the expectations of how we believe life should be.

The pressure takes us out of our equilibrium and then we start to disconnect from our innate inner guidance – we start making decisions based on greed and material things rather than compassion and love.

Everyone in life ultimately wants to feel good, be happy and experience connection. You don’t have to be a spiritual being to understand that the only way to have true connection in life is through love, ideally unconditional love. We become this through compassion and letting go of judgement, for both ourselves and others.

Going with the flow does not mean kicking back and doing nothing – quite the opposite. It means listening to your inner self and following the path of least resistance.

Ultimately, all you are is love, come back to love and follow the signs along the way – your inner self knows what you want. Your body and free-will need to listen to the guidance toward your ultimate life – forget your human mind and logic (when it comes to finding your best path, your passion and purpose). All day, every day you have messages thrown at you … they come through your emotions, through the random people you meet along the way, through your gut instinct and so much more.

What you ‘think’ is best for you may in fact not be what ‘is’ best for you.

The only thing keeping you in a rut is your resistance to what is. Let it go. Follow your best path.

If you want to learn how to navigate your life by listening to your innate wisdom, join me at Siren Soul for the next “Deepening Intimacy with Yourself” workshop OR book a one on one session with me.

Sometimes you just need to have a little faith.    

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