The Life-Changing Magic of Going Offline (even for just 72 hours)

It’s an addiction – the urge to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not, the constant external demands via messages and notifications, as well as general ‘screen time’ itself. This not only puts undue pressure on our personal limitations (with more expectations), it also disconnects us from ourselves and others.

In this hyper connected world of technology, we humans ironically, have become more disconnected than ever.

Recently I found myself having fallen back into old patterns of chaos. My head was a whirlwind of thoughts, my body was aching and exhausted and I wasn’t sleeping.

For a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, I managed to score myself a beach front pad on Ohope beach for a few nights to unplug – refocus, regroup with myself, and most importantly… go “offline”.

You see, alongside life’s usual adventures, I’d decided to give myself some new experiences and began a flurry of dating. It had been a while, having just ended my last relationship. At first it was all fun and games, rather exciting! However, shortly after the first few dates I started to become disheartened, exhausted, gobsmacked and in some cases, a little judgmental about the “options” ‘left on the shelf’.

Overwhelm, self-doubt and loss of hope kicked in. It didn’t feel good. After all, I’m all about being connected to your inner guidance and being the best version of ones’ self… Yet, I found my usual positive and open mindset turning into low vibe emotions.

Suddenly this attitude was taking over my life. It was a lot like those days when you wake up late, stub your toe on the dresser as you rush out of bed, then discover there is no milk, no toothpaste… and you know how the domino effect goes. I was not feeling my true self at all.

My vibration had taken a downhill spiral and I knew it was time to give myself a little therapy (perhaps a piece of my own advice 😉  ).

So, I went offline – no computer, no phone, not even any music! Simply a journal, a good book, my yoga blocks, my dog and the beach…..

The results were better than expected. I’m excited to share with you the Siren Soul 10 life-changing benefits of going offline (even if only for 72 hours).

When your mind is constantly pulled in multiple directions at one time it’s tricky to ‘get out of your head’. This causes nonstop stress – we lose touch with our natural instincts (intuition) and try too hard to be ‘in control’, rather than following the most ideal flow. Eventually somethings gonna give if we don’t break the cycle and pause to reset.

Come home to yourself by going offline more of the time.

  • Helps strength your intuition
  • Calms the central nervous system and evokes more inner peace
  • Gives you the opportunity to miss certain people and appreciate them more
  • Helps you connect with the needs of your physical body, to listen to the messages the body is giving you, by taking time to be patient and compassionate with yourself. What are you feeling? Pain? Exhaustion? The need to stretch? Etc
  • Slows you down to the speed of life
  • Increases clarity on what is really important to you. Recognising your deepest values.
  • Allows you more time for other things; meditation, stretching, reading a book, exercise… Also encourages a more healthy routine such as regular rising times and bed time, without getting carried away with online distractions.
  • Improves productivity if working
  • Provides time for self-reflection
  • Decreases inflammation in the body (I personally found this to be quite transformative as a result of less stress).

I have to admit, I was both excited and anxious to check my messages following the three full days of peace and calm…

I have now set up new technology boundaries for myself, as a daily practice. How has technology affected you? Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “The Life-Changing Magic of Going Offline (even for just 72 hours)

  1. Aaron says:

    I found that a very interesting read Fiona
    How do you think that could work going of grid that is or put that to practice if you have children and a business?

    • fiona says:

      Thank you. I appreciate your great questions too. Two answers for you – one regarding business: The aim is to take a mini holiday now and then and put a message on your voicemail to explain limited availability for a few days – every good business owner need a day or two off on occasion to recharge. And TWO regarding having children: on a day to day basis the idea is to limit the “checking” of the phone (unnecessarily) ie; to set times to check AND/OR turning off all notifications except urgent calls regarding children (or even better, have a land line available for urgent messages). Many, many more option… it’s really about getting creative and reaching out to others who can assist your tech detox. Over all, the aim of the ‘technology detox’ or going “offline” is to set clear boundaries around your own personal silent addictions to aspects of technology – we all know our own guilty pleasures… it requires self-awareness, self-care and self-control for the sake of ones own wellbeing. xo

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