The Little Known Secret to Happiness

YOU WAKE UP and decide to be awesome and then BOOM! Just like that, someone has #$%^&’ed up your day!

We all have good intentions… We make packs with ourselves… and then by midday we’ve eaten the cake, by 3pm missed the gym class and by 6 we’ve snapped at our partner… Similarly, it’s all very well to decide to be happy and have a good day, yet at times it doesn’t take much to fall off our happy perch when we get accidentally “triggered” by another’s behaviour or actions.

Do you pull your hair out trying desperately to stay in balance and be less affected by your environment – people and circumstances?!

What I’m hearing is a great big YES!

Because you are human after all.

We all trigger at times because of our life story to date, our conditioning, our past experiences… what we have decided is right and wrong… the list goes on.

WHAT CAN WE DO TO KEEP OUR LID ON? (without suppressing our truth)

Simple… build resilience.

What’s RESILIENCE?  The capacity and strength to adapt and recover quickly from difficulties.

Essentially we need to build an energetic bank account filled with “resilient reserves” – These are coping attitudes and actions that give strength to the mind, body and soul – allowing us to breeze through life with a slightly “I don’t give a $%^ attitude, yet with WITH COMPASSION!”.

Come back to yourself (constantly) – consciously cultivating a strong zen platform and a calmness from within helps create more “resilient reserves” to handle stressful situations.

The happier and more ‘still’ we are within, the more easy it is to not be affected by others.

Ultimately we need to strengthen ourselves with some tough love from the inside out!

Some factors associated with being a Siren of resilience:

  • The ability to manage strong feelings and impulses
  • The logic to create realistic and productive plans to solve problems
  • Practicing self-aware and mindful ways of communication
  • Having confidence in your strengths and abilities
  • Being self-compassionate regarding areas lacking in strength
  • Having a positive outlook on life

So, how do we action these factors and become a more resilient and sassy Siren?

Firstly… only YOU can build resilience for YOU…

Are you willing? It’s time to take more care of yourself.

Building resilience is easy if you practice self-love and self-care concepts.

Like anything, the more we do on a regular basis, the more resilient and happy we become.

How to build a strong mind, body and spirit….

Strengthen your MIND to be resilient

  • STAY GROUNDED – Don’t sweat the small stuff & let go of the big stuff that you can’t control. Avoid seeing crises in insurmountable problems. You can’t change the fact that highly stressful events happen, however you can change how you interpret and respond to these events. Worry and stress will not make the situation improve!
  • GO WITH THE FLOW – Accept that change is a part of living. Sometimes your plans don’t go accordingly, yet often in hindsight, it’s a good thing. Start accepting that what is, is. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT – Listen to your hearts’ passion and move toward your goals. Start with baby steps toward your dreams. Every marathon run starts with a single step. Instead of being overwhelmed with tasks that seem unachievable, ask yourself, “What’s one thing I know I can accomplish today that will help me move in the direction I want to go?”
  • KNOW YOUR INNATE WORTH – Cultivate a healthy positive view of yourself. Knowing your self-worth, building confidence, and trusting your intuition, helps build resilience. You are perfectly imperfect!
  • KEEP PERSPECTIVE – Avoid blowing the event out of proportion. Think of the big picture and ask yourself “Will this really matter in a year or so from now?”
  • STAY OPTIMISTIC – Maintain a hopeful and positive outlook. Energy attracts energy. Visualise what you want, not what you don’t want. Thoughts create your reality, be mindful to catch yourself worrying about what you fear.

Strengthen your BODY to be resilient

  • EAT CLEAN – Avoid sugar, minimise alcohol, consume huge amounts of green leafy vegetables – You know all this BUT ARE YOU DOING IT?
  • TOUCH WITH NATURE – Soaking up natures negative ions will calm anyone (at least a little) almost immediately.
  • MOVE YOUR BODY – Exercise, dance, play, try yoga…

Strengthen your SOUL to be resilient

  • MEDITATE – Finding stillness in your day enhances resilience by helping the body reduce stress hormones such as; adrenaline and cortisol. Helping us act from a calm and grounded space.
  • CONNECT – Form genuine bonds via good relationships with others whom you can be your true self with. Feeling understood and accepting/receiving support from those who care about you, strengthens resilience. Join a group with like-minded people!
  • GROW – Be willing to grow continuously. Seek opportunities for self-discovery. Your greatest challenge is also your greatest gift.. and could lead you to your ultimate passion and purpose too. We almost always learn something about ourselves as a result of struggle or loss. Are you open to seeing the message? Many people who have experienced tragedies and hardship have reported to have better relationships, deeper compassion for others more developed spirituality and heightened appreciation for life.


RELAX, it all starts with baby steps – choose 1 or 2 suggestions and add into your daily/weekly routine until it becomes your norm.

BTW… these are all acts of self-love 😉

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