Tired of being tired? 10 ways to boost your energy levels

Our energy is a curious thing… I’ll let you in on a little known secret: Our energy levels can remind us a lot about where we are at in life right now.

Our energy levels are actually like our own personal compass… constantly leading us in new directions, albeit most of the time we ignore the signs, delete the messages from our brain and instead complain.

Have you ever experienced continuous long exhausting days at work, you know, those days when all you want to do is go home and curl up under your duvet cover? Oh, if only we had the luxury…
Only to finally get home and boom! Suddenly you’ve got a second wind and you’re so inspired with a new project that before you know it – it’s midnight!

Or maybe you really do just crawl into bed at the earliest hour possible… only to begin the saga all over again tomorrow.

Are you aware that your energy levels can be your body’s way of pointing out health issues, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, emotional states and even let you know if you are ‘on or off track’ from your deeper life purpose and innate passion?

Seeing as your energy levels are an indicator of which path you are on … could you ask yourself:

“Is my current life journey in line with my passion and desires?”


“Am I whisking my days away, pushing through struggles, people-pleasing, and doing life by the ‘book of society’?”

If you’re tired of doing stuff that (quite frankly) you just don’t want to do… (I hear ya. I spent the best part of 40 years on the treadmill to tiredness.) And now I gotta ask you, “What is the point?!” After all, it’s your life, therefore why are you living it out for the sole benefit of others?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for kindness, compassion and being there for others, however, THERE’S A BIT OF A GLITCH IN THE CURRENT SYSTEM OF GIVING – because if you don’t fill your own cup up first, you won’t have anything to give away to others anyway! Think about it, if your cup is overflowing then you have more to give – BASICS 101 right?! I know you agree, so why can it be so hard for some of us to simply fill our own cup up first?

Of course, I understand you can be tired for many justifiable reasons… perhaps you do have a super full schedule, or maybe you’re not sleeping at all well and haven’t been for quite some time, you could also be a little run down or have been experiencing more stress than usual recently. Whatever your reason – if this sounds like you, I have the ONE simple reply…


Nope, I don’t mince my words – I’m feeling it’s likely you race around trying to please every Tom, Dick and Harriet in town! Perhaps you’re dropping kids off here and there, meeting work deadlines about issues that appear meaningless, trying to find a balance between work and play, trying so hard to attend every invitation, more ‘trying’ and constantly dealing with first world problems… and a bit more trying… 😉

OR maybe other people have been sucking your energy out of you, for themselves! (GAASP!)

I’m here to say “STOP!”

That’s enough of that my friend.

I realise everyone wants a piece of you and it’s easy to think, you have to do it all… However, you just gotta ask yourself, “How long am I going to keep up this whirlwind, exhausting life?”


To help you out, I’ve compiled a few suggestions on how to boost your energy levels. Bearing in mind everyone will require a different combination of lifestyle adjustments (if you would like a more personalised approach you can see me for a one on one session).


1. Sleep disturbances

    – Practice good sleep hygiene

This means:
– Have a regular bedtime (preferably hitting the sack a couple of hours before midnight)
– Avoid screen time for at least half an hour before bed
– Remove ALL technology from the bedroom
– Have a comfortable bed
– Limit caffeine after midday
– Considering taking: 1. Magnesium – to help relax muscles and nerves. 2. Melatonin – to help regulate circadian rhythms

2. Vitamin and/or mineral deficiency

    – Take a B-complex vitamin
    – Take Co-enzyme Q10 (from your health shop)
    – Ask your doctor to test your iron and B12 levels (if iron you are deficient, I highly recommend liquid sources from the health shop to boost your levels naturally and fast – in my experience the prescribed iron tablets are slower to take effect and can cause constipation which also contributes to tiredness)

3. Work exhaustion

– Reframe your attitude/mindset – ensure self-talk is positive – aim to see the bright-side (at least until you can make some actual changes) – for  example: What could you be learning from the current challenging situation? Could there be some pros about being in your current unpleasant situation?

– Take regular intervals throughout the day to do some conscious deep breaths OR even better, meditate in your lunch break 5-20 minutes

– Eat your lunch mindfully (away from your desk or workspace)

– Write an affirmation on a post-it note and keep it stuck to your desktop. Ideas for your post-it note: “Everything is always working out for me.” OR “As I say “YES” to life, life says “YES” to me”…

– Journal how you are feeling during the day. Have you noticed a pattern of rising and falling emotions and/or energy? – Is there a common time that your energy drops? If so, have a protein-rich lunch.

– Drink more water – aim for 8x glasses all up, however, increase your intake on the hottest summer days, if you’re extra stressed or if you’re in air-conditioning all-day

– Take micro-breaks from computer or phone screen time.

– Start to explore self-growth in your personal time – you never know you may discover a deeper purpose and passion that could result in an exciting career change!


Small yet therapeutic ways to increase your energy include:

    Start your day with the juice of one lemon in a large glass of water OR a freshly pressed vegetable juice (ideal vegetables include: carrots, beetroot, celery – add a little ginger, lime, pineapple or apple for a tasty zing). NOTE: Drink either on an empty stomach.
    Increase fibre to ensure daily elimination.
    A busy mind is a huge zapper of energy, of which many do not consider – meditate or simply sit still in a quiet place and just ‘be’ for 5-20 minutes a day. Ideally, schedule in a ‘time out’ for yourself a few times a week.
    You may be able to function whilst consuming dairy products and gluten, however, most people feel lighter without these. Try to avoid intentionally made “gluten-free” products and instead simply make new food choices. Aim for a high plant-based diet.
    However, if you enjoy the odd a hunk of meat – please eat organic (too many antibiotics and hormones are infused in non-organic meats – needless to say, second-hand drugs will not do anyone any favours).
    Exercise – even a leisurely walk on the beach or a few evening stretches will be appreciated by your body. Yin Yoga is my personal fav, very restorative!
    Drink 8 glasses of water (fluoride-free if possible). Replace coffee with herbal tea. AVOID EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL & CAFFEINE
    Burn refreshing essential oils as often as possible – a blend of basil, rosemary and lemon works wonders for clearing the head and improving concentration.
    Practices saying “NO”. To begin with, aim to decline to 2-3 requests of your each week.
    Take regular conscious deep breaths throughout the day. To reduce stress and anxiety breathe in for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts and out for 10 counts or longer. A long exhale will calm your nervous system.

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