What to do when you are feeling stuck – 3 STEPS TO GET UNSTUCK

Siren Soul founder Fiona Mcleod is an empowerment coach in Mount Maunganui, Auckland teaching people how to live their best life

Last week I had to take a piece of my own advice – here’s how it went down:

I decided to tell a dozen (or so) friends that I was writing a book. No big deal in theory and I had good reason to do so. I figured it would be interesting to test out the name and concept of my book by asking for friends’ honest feedback, as well as… to ‘put it out there’ creating a space for me to be ‘accountable’ and not to ‘chicken out’ when overwhelm or self-doubt decides to kick in!

You know what I mean?

Anyway, it was interesting, to say the least.

Then guess what happened? OMG, I immediately got STUCK, like

hello “blank” !

So stuck, for a few days I could not write one single word – complete writer’s block!

Which to be honest is a bit of a laugh when you consider how much I like to talk… you can only imagine all the thoughts and creative ideas that whizz around my mind on a daily basis! 😉 #thankgoodnessformeditation

So I took a piece of my own advice to get UNSTUCK because then I was able to shift my energy within minutes!!


I created this simple process because we ALL have times when we feel a little stuck. I find it is one of the most common complaints with my clients and often friends too.

What is it to be ‘stuck’?

Have you ever heard yourself saying or thinking:

“I’m sick of things not working out.”
“It’s too hard.”
“Life is a constant struggle.”
“I feel a little lost.”
“What’s the point?”
“I’m tired of being tired”
“I’ve never have money to do things I love.”
“I just want to meet a guy but every date seems to be a dead-end dud.”

If only you had a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and make everything ok.

Admittedly, my ‘writer’s block’ situation wasn’t a great life dilemma BUT


and when you are in the vibration of stuck ya gotta hot foot yourself outta there into higher ground before you spiral down the rabbit hole any further – I tell you, because I HAVE BEEN THERE!

Catch yourself on the little stuff and the big stuff is less likely to occur.

When life isn’t flowing, we are stuck.

It’s a simple sign that our ENERGY is stagnant.

However, the good news is that YOU CAN CHOOSE to get it moving in a more joyful direction again.

When we are stuck, we begin feeling a little lack-luster, impatience can creep in and if we don’t act fast, it will quickly lead into self-doubt, with overwhelm looming and eventually it can also present with anger, frustration and even depression!

It’s like a spiral of emotion, a whirlwind with momentum going in the wrong direction and before we know it we are sniffling at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

What’s happening in these times is the low vibe energy is building, gaining traction and you are literally radiating more and more low vibe frequencies by the moment.

Let’s remember, #likeattractslike

Phew! However, you might ask, WHY WOULD WE WANT TO DO THAT?

And I’d say,

“Because all the good stuff happens there. When we feel good we attract better opportunities and see the world with a positive perspective and attitude #glasshalffull.”

SIREN SOUL’S ‘LOVE STUCK’ STRATEGY – 3 Steps to Shift Your Stuck Energy

Here is my simple, yet powerful three-step process to get the ‘good vibe’ momentum rolling in your world again.

This method is about transforming your energy and moving it back up into the high vibe zone.


Set yourself up by moving out of the physical place which you have been in today. This could simply be to move into a different room of your house, go sit at the beach, at a cafe or change your desk space (for the purpose of this exercise).

It’s a nice idea to set up a comfy space for yourself. Perhaps make a cuppa and settle in, maybe play some upbeat music if you desire, light a candle, burn some oils, whatever works for you.

Siren Soul founder Fiona McLeod The Love List Unstick your energy and get into the flow empowerment coaching auckland image credit lolamediaSTEP ONE: THE LOVE LIST

Grab your pen and journal (or any paper will do). Use your handwriting skills, avoid your computer.

EXERCISE: Write down 100 things you love.

If this is all you do you will still feel a shift in energy and a little recharged.

You can simply list each thing, person or circumstance that you love OR you can supercharge the exercise by writing each thing you love in a sentence. If you want to uber-supercharge READ YOUR OPTION TWO LIST OUTLOUD.

It’s important to reach 100

No matter how big or small each idea is – it doesn’t have to be things you have at this time. For example; you may be single and hoping for a wonderful new man to come into your life soon. In this case, you could write something like: “I love romantic dinners with my man.” Note:

This is written in present tense.



You can write anything…

  1. Wine
  2. Hugs
  3. New shoes
  4. Flowers
  5. Clean sheets
  6. My puppy
  7. The beach

And so on…

Supercharge option one by doing:

  1. I love drinking wine with a good friend
  2. I love receiving hugs from my partner at the end of the day
  3. I love buying new shoes
  4. I love giving flowers to friends
  5. I love slipping into a freshly made bed after a shower
  6. I love watching my puppy have fun
  7. I love walking on the beach

And so on
100. I love star gazing

As we conjure up these thoughts and ideas our body remembers the feelings associated with these images and then starts to produce happy chemicals within us, which make us feel good. Our wonderful imagination is just as powerful as the real deal!


Write a story as you would like your circumstances to ideally be. Have fun with this. Tell it as a story you would share with a good friend. Let it flow as your imagination allows it to unfold.

Avoid being concerned with grammar, writing tidy or whether or not it makes sense – simply have fun and allow yourself to think outside the square – even if it feels a little unrealistic.


Now consider how you are feeling in this story.

It could be a feeling of love, connection, excitement, bliss, contentment, joy… you can choose, it’s all up to you.

Take a moment to reflect, when was the last time you felt like this?

Complete the sentence in your journal:

“The last time I recall this feeling was….”

(PLEASE NOTE: It is not about getting down about how long ago it happened or that maybe that it has never happened).

This is about remembering how you behaved and felt – write down how you would describe yourself in those moments.

Basically, by doing this exercise you automatically shift your energy into a more fluid space – allowing fresh ideas to step forward, rather than blocking yourself with resistance from the frustration of ‘stuck’..

It’s then a good idea to regroup by going for a walk or other movement and then coming back to your space for a fresh look at the situation before step three.


Now that you know what you want from the story you wrote in step two, start to take some action with baby steps.

List 3 things (baby steps) that could take you closer to where you would rather be.

INSPIRATIONAL EXAMPLE 1: You want to meet a new partner:

  1. You could plan a dinner party and ask friends to invite someone new to broaden your circle of friends – a great way to meet is through friends of friends
  2. Join a reputable dating site and really invest in the time to give attention to your profile rather than the lazy options, such as Tinder.
  3. Break a habit to increase ‘chance meetings’ with new faces. Take a new route on your morning walk, go to the gym at a different hour, sit in a new location for lunch, attend a yoga class, dance class, pottery class whatever rocks your boat.

INSPIRATIONAL EXAMPLE 2: You want to discover a new passion, perhaps you’re feeling a bit bored:

  1. Jump onto Youtube and watch a few TED talks.
  2. Sign up for an online course on finding your passion or life purpose – contact sirensoul.com to find out what is coming up.
  3. Take up journaling – download the guidebook on my website to get you started.

Commit to doing these steps within the next two weeks – schedule them in your diary, set deadlines.

When you are doing each baby step it is important you enjoy the step for what it is, rather than with an expectation of an outcome. Enjoy each activity for what it is – the journey to your destination is as important as ‘crawling’ is before we eventually walk. Trust the process and the timing.


In order to keep your momentum high, use a DAILY GRATITUDE JOURNAL.

This only takes two minutes each day and helps keep your mind-set and body in a positive vibe by starting every day with an injection of goodness.

If we want to attract the stuff we desire in life we must be in the same vibe as what we want to attract – it’s basic physics – like attracts like.

What’s often misunderstood with this theory is the importance of vibration – you can’t simply think about what you want and hope it happens, we also have to feel the energy of the desire too.


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