What’s the story Morning Glory?

What does Morning Glory Mean? A Blog post by Fiona McLeod, of Sirensoul.com

For years as a child my mum would greet us kids individually each morning, with a joyful “Morning Glory!” she didn’t say it every morning, however she said it many mornings for many years and even when I left home, late into my adult life upon visiting her, Mum would greet me in the morning with “Morning Glory” – I liked it! It felt like I was glorious of course! So much so that for many years I too would greet my house guests with “Morning Glory!” –

I’ve always been a bit of a joker, therefore no one thought twice about me making cheeky statements left, right and centre.

One day… while browsing the internet, goodness knows how, but I came across the actual meaning of “Morning Glory” (hand over mouth and laugh out loud – like wtf omg hahahaha)

For those of you who are also in the dark on this one…

“Morning Glory” is actually the slang term used to describe when a man wakes up with a hard and ready to go penis! Now I was pretty sure that this was not the vision my mother had each morning when she so cheerfully greeted us. #awkward

At this discovery, I laughed out loud… and carried on with my day.

It was in fact, a couple of years later that I bothered to inform my mother of my updated knowledge. You see, I received a text from my mum headed up with “Morning Glory”. Finally, I decided to ask: “Umm… Mum, do you actually know what Morning Glory means?” Then I wrote “Ask Phil.” (her partner) – About ten minutes later she texted back; “Bloody Hell, no Phil didn’t know either but we googled and now we do!! I won’t be using that again! :-P”

It’s a funny story (well I think so) and now I like to use the term more than ever… Nothing wrong with a little cheekiness.

However, this got me thinking… We learn a lot from our parents and other adults during our younger years. We soak up whatever they say as gospel. Teachers, Grandparents, even older siblings… we don’t question the truth of their opinion until we hit about 7-9 years old and our brains change.

Even if we don’t like our parents at times, we still subconsciously respect their opinion or even take on their opinions. I recall growing up never liking horses… Why? Because my Mum didn’t like horses, I had judgements of others for specific things why because that’s what my Mum thought…. Point is, we don’t even know how much we have been conditioned and just do what we do (UNTIL WE BECOME AWARE) and start to enquire and question our ways, thoughts, opinion, beliefs….

So if you think you are not good enough, too fat, stupid, un-loveable or some other negative self-talk… forget it! Change that old belief, reprogram that shit!!! You were born perfect. A little baby awaiting the journey of life – all you were was LOVE.

News flash – you still are that love, come back to yourself and start to rewrite that story or change direction.

The greatest love of all is inside of you – it always has been – come back to it! Create new thoughts, create your ideal reality.


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