Consciously Creating Your Best Life

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  • TAROT Q&A TUESDAY: Starts 4:44pm Tuesday 27 JULY 2022 – FREE (simply email me with your email address and I’ll forward you the link to this session)
  • ‘THE JOURNALING PROJECT’: 7pm NZT Wednesday 31 AUGUST 2022 – $33.00
  • ‘REFINING YOUR DESIRES’: 7pm NZT Wednesday 14 SEPTEMBER 2022 $22.00

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When we are connected consciously to our inner self, life is more fulfilling, inspiring and purpose driven.

Siren Soul Sessions guide you on your transformative journey.

  • Learn to better listen to and follow you intuition
  • Communicate from an empowered heart
  • Develop stronger self belief
  • Be more loving and less judgmental of yourself and others
  • Let go of some baggage from the past
  • Increase inner core confidence
  • Experience better physical and mental health
  • Learn to recognise and release trapped emotions
  • Receive tools to maintain equilibrium of mind, body and soul
  • Decrease stress and pressure
  • Cultivate more inner peace
  • Embrace the skills to manifest what you heart desires with ease and grace

Why would you do a Siren Soul programme?

To experience holistic healing of mind, body and soul to ensure you can more easily function in our modern world – achieving your desires of success, love, money, happiness, personal satisfaction and better health from the inside out… guided by your soul’s calling, not by society’s expectations. This is a process of slowing down and gaining more.




– creating paths of least resistance toward your dreams and goals-


9 September 2021 – COMPLETE

25 August 2021 – COMPLETE

7pm NZT

PRICE: $22 (or FREE if you are part of the 21 Day ‘Nurture Your Soul’s Purpose’ Challenge)

PAY: 02 -1245-00442303-001 or $25 via paypal (currently not working)


Everyone has dreams, desires and wants, even if they’re currently unclear on exactly what they are. In this one hour speedy, interactive workshop we help you to gain clarity and confidence to define and refine those desires and step forward into your dream life.

We cover:

  • Why it is SO IMPORTANT to be crystal clear on what you want
  • What “GOING WITH THE FLOW” really means!
  • How to DISCOVER YOUR TRUE DESIRES (using my three step process)
  • Become aware of WHAT IS BLOCKING YOU from this desire/dream being your reality right now (this is likely to be something completely different to what you ‘think’ it is).
  • How you can OVERCOME THESE BLOCKS, fast and more easily.
  • Set up your first ACTION STEP to bring your dreams into reality.

REGISTER HERE as there are limited spaces available.



– Learn 6 powerful journaling techniques – 

‘THE HIDDEN TREASURE’ – It’s a little magical and a little mindset…


PRICE: $33

  • Gain personal insight by tapping into your subconscious and inner self
  • Discover how to embrace empowerment and let go of limitations
  • Learn to listen to the voice that leads you down your happiest path
  • Tap into your heart energy


The Gratitude Journal – take yourself into heart-centered energy

The Purge onto Paper – gain clarity and reduce stress

The Letter to Yourself – become open to solutions and manifest your dream life

The Daily Journal – clear the clutter in your head and appreciate the present moment

Shadows to Light Journaling – transform those negative limiting thoughts into empowering insights

The Psychic Journal – be your own psychic to answer your most curious questions!

Why would I start Journaling?

Simply put, when life gets a bit tough sometimes we need a few self-help tools. Journaling is a free technique we can do every day to answer our own questions and for regular personal growth. It’s like being your own therapist.

We ALL have so many voices in our head – our thoughts often take over and control our reality. At it’s easy to confuse our fears and frustration for instinct or intuition. Journaling offers clarity and solutions!

Ultimately journaling is all about becoming more self-aware – however, it is also an incredibly powerful de-stressing tool.

For BOOKINGS or enquires: 

7pm NZT

PRICE: $33 (or FREE if you are part of the 21 Day ‘Nurture Your Soul’s Purpose’ Challenge)

PAY: 02 -1245-00442303-001 or $36 via paypal (currently not working)