Your subconscious is the boss

The man, tick.
The career, tick.
The money, tick.
The dream home, tick.

I’d mapped my entire life out by age 11. I must admit I was rather specific too – according to one of my “notes to self” at age 11, I specified my boyfriend would ‘be really, really nice and not a user’. An interesting request to the Universe for someone who was yet to experience her first kiss.

The plans were set in place and I was pretty excited about racing through life to start ‘adulting’.

After all, if ‘dream boards’, visualisations and positive affirmations were seriously the way to manifest your desired life, then I swear to God my life would be sweet! Like movie star sweet, stardust love, glamour and lifestyle plus, plus, plus!

Now, I’m not a religious gal, yet over the years I’ve frequently been amused by the saying –

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Because as I sat, aged 40, without anything that any of those dream boards had conjured up, it got me thinking of the likes of Buddha, Rumi and thereafter, preaching that; “thoughts create your reality” – I must be missing a massive piece of my brain / mind, or have I misunderstood the ‘reality’ concept altogether?

Considering, I spent countless family road trips with my head hanging out the car window daydreaming across the horizons, imaging my perfect life. Scene by scene, as my latest boy crush would play his role out perfectly in my mind’s eye…

Later in life, I then spent countless solo road trips playing cassettes and CD’s of sappy love songs on repeat… allowing my mind to create a ‘semi-reality’ of my greatest dreams.

I was bewildered by my constant faith yet lack of desired lifestyle…

So I began the search….

Low and behold, it turned out I wasn’t far wrong from the truth. In some ways, I really was missing part of my brain, in fact, most of my MIND that is. I guess I had assumed my thoughts were all available for me to create and manipulate as I thought best, that I was fully aware of what I was doing on a daily basis. And that what I was consciously focusing on was all I need be concerned about – BAAAAAAAAA – WRONG!

Approximately 95% of our thoughts we have no ‘conscious’ consciousness of!

If we want to find out why our lives are not going to plan we have to go deeper than our conscious awareness and into the land of the subconscious mind. How do we do that you ask? Well, there are many ways our subconscious talks to us all day, every day. We need only listen to our bodies – our physical ailments, our life circumstances and repetitive patterns, our instinct and many other signs.

The subconscious mind is basically where everything is stored once it has become a habit or as we say, like ’second nature’, you know, the stuff you had to do over and over to learn. Or the stuff we soaked up from conception via our parents and surroundings between age 0-7ish years old when our brain waves were mostly hypnotic vibrations and anything that was heard or experienced was taken as ‘Gospel’. We then act on these subconscious learnings, ‘ways’, ‘beliefs’ without “thinking”… such as driving, riding a bike, walking…. And most scarily “REACTING” to circumstances without “thinking” to pretty much most stuff UNLESS WE ARE SUPER MINDFUL!

If you have a positive conscious mindset – “FOR BEST RESULTS” (so to speak), it is ideal that your subconscious and conscious are on the same page.

However, if you have beliefs that you are unworthy, unlovable, undeserving, always broke, stupid or whatever the false ingrained subconscious thought is – you will always find ways of sabotaging your greatest dreams…

BASICALLY, before we go making any great big grand plans for our lives we really need our subconscious is on board with our plans too!

BUT what if they’re not? What if half our mind is still playing the outdated mixed tape from 20, 30, 40 years ago?!….

It is our soul’s greatest journey is to discover these blocks, come back to the simple truth, return to love. Then live out your life freely with joy and dreams coming true.

The good news is that it is possible to tap into your subconscious mind and discover what is blocking these “mood boards” and day dreams from coming true, becoming ‘reality’.


  • Psych K – Amazing – change your life in 5 to 65 minutes with a 1:1 session with me !!! BOOK
  • Repetition – Good, however, time-consuming – Who has the time?!
  • Hypnosis – Awesome – some respond better than others
  • Guided Visualisation – The supercharged daydream – very effective with a professional facilitator
  • Tapping (or EFT) – People have reported finding it very helpful


You could see a therapist for the next 30 years, talking about your problems of not having the life you want (whilst simultaneously continuing to program your mind with the same old junk).

Think about it – you wouldn’t hammer a nail in with a nail, would you?

You can’t think your thoughts into a new thought.

You need to go up a peg to chat to the big dude itself – the subconscious and even the superconscious!

So whilst I’m an Empowerment Coach and believe in getting into your high vibe zone to attract miracles and the absolute life you want… I’m not talking about faking it until you make it. I’m talking about getting real and shifting the s*** or busting your baggage.


No matter how much you know in your conscious, how much you map out on paper or how logical, grounded and sensible you are – your life will unfold, based on your subconscious beliefs.


Tap into your subconscious for more self-awareness then…. You will HEAL YOUR LIFE.

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    • fiona says:

      Oh – Thank you! I feel stoked hearing that from you, being the talented pro writer that you are! You, of all people have taught me to write from the heart xo

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